Friday, July 29, 2016

Is Life About Likes? An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

Dear Glenn,

I was shocked at something you said on the radio yesterday. I couldn’t believe you were being serious. I thought it must be one of your sarcastic rants. But apparently it wasn’t.

You said you and your daughter left the movie God is Not Dead because it was so horrible how atheists were being demonized and shown as one-dimensional. I gasped. Atheism is demonic. The devil is a demon who defies God and uses every trick in the book to lead his children away. Demonism is anything that takes the place of God. Evil isn’t supposed to be excused or ignored because Satan uses some truth or because atheists do other things that are good. And then you went on and on about Ellen DeGeneres and how we conservatives should all be like her and make ourselves more likeable. Seriously? The devil is likeable too!  The anti-Christs in the Book of Mormon were like rock stars! Everybody loved them! Did you forget that the only reason Ellen got famous in the first place is because she had the boldness to come out as a lesbian? That’s what got people’s attention: her thumbing her nose at God. Plenty of people are funny, but she is first and foremost a lesbian. Because of that one-dimensionalism she has led many many vulnerable young people astray.

Atheists, no matter what their other traits, do not believe in God or Christ. That makes them anti-Christ. Proud homosexuals are the same, by putting themselves above God, above morality, above sin, above the need for redemption. It’s all evil. And whole, real, and lasting good cannot be accomplished by using evil. Jesus said we’re going to be hated by the world. He himself wasn’t liked. You seem to forget that Jesus Christ was so hated his own people crucified him. There were not enough people that came to his aid, not enough to make any difference.  Apparently Jesus  would have been lacking in likes on facebook. He always said there would be few who followed him.

Glenn, you sometimes come across to me as acting strangely morally superior because you pretend you love people more than the rest of us. First of all, how do you know about what people feel in their hearts? Talk about one-dimensionalism! You sitting in that movie were doing the very thing you condemned. Life isn’t as simple as going around saying how much we love everybody and being liked as if we’re all on instagram 24/7. The world as it is includes evil and we’re supposed to make the distinction and take a stand in all things at all times in all places---and be unliked, or worse, if need be. That’s what real love is. It’s loving God first and loving all his children second, having faith in His plan because we want the best for everyone, as in righteousness and God’s gift of eternal life.

Every time you say crazy things like this I remember why I can not take you completely seriously and why I listen to you only sporadically.

--Janice Graham

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