Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Organist in Drag Pop-Up

Yesterday I received my first copy of the American Guild of Organists magazine, The American Organist, August 2016, and was enjoying its pages when I was suddenly assaulted by an article on page 44. It primarily focuses on a person's sex identity and exploits, in this case a young man who proudly and publicly presents himself in outrageous women's clothes and outrageous make-up. It doesn't say how often or when or where he does this. Apart from the shock of the large photo of what is obviously a young male with a prominent Adam's apple dressed and coifed like a female, and another photo of him in flamboyantly overblown female make-up, wig, fingernails, and open to the waist robe, my thought was, hold on here, what does a person's affected photos and ideas about his sex and sexuality have to do with playing the organ?

While I wish this talented young organist all the best, I certainly do not need to know what his sexual fantasies and behaviors are, nor do I wish to join in condoning and celebrating them, as this article does. And no, this article does not highlight this organist's musical accomplishments. I'd say it was at least 75% about his drag queen identity and radical sexual and social philosophies. It is completely out of place when you look at the rest of the articles and photos in this issue, which are about sacred music, beautiful churches, beautiful organs, performance etiquette, competition winners including youth, and being a traveling organist.

When any kind of sexual thing pops up in the most unlikely place, such as a kindergarten class or an organist magazine, one can know there is a totally unrelated, political, opportunistic, nefarious agenda at work. It's like how pornography pops up on the internet with no apparent link or reason. Surely all the intelligent people at the AGO and its magazine know this and are responsible for this article. Perhaps some are hoping for reactions like mine in order to further that agenda. (See? We still have a cause! There are still bigots out there! Organist bigots!) Be that as it may, there are many children and young people pictured in this issue who are sure to be exposed to this article portraying outrageous cross-dressing as if it is normal and harmless, even laudable. But then that's the idea, isn’t it?

I quote the highlighted organist:"I'd really love to be creating drag performance art, music, and social commentary all in one."

So the AGO is promoting the spread and acceptance of today's PC aberrant alphabet soup sexual behaviors, including extremely exaggerated cross-dressing. What alternative sexual identity will they be highlighting and encouraging next? Apparently there is no end.

I've  been called every name in the book for sharing my biologically-sound, God-based views on the reality of the two sexes and their healthy and proper roles. My husband and I have a child who as a teen was hurt by pornography and homosexuality and we know the dark predatory side of the LGBT world. (Our son got himself out of it long ago and is now a husband and father.) You can bet the young man in this article uses pornography as a mainstay. Just google cross dressing and you will get a taste of what this debauched sex world is all about. In seconds my husband Steve looked up the man featured in the AGO article on the internet and reports sexual and pornographic content on his blog including a photo of himself wearing only a woman's bra.

But aside from all that, my interest in the organ has zero to do with anybody's sex or sexuality and I don't appreciate being tricked and used as a pawn in the sexual activist movement. I wrote to the AGO withdrawing myself from its membership.
-Janice Graham

Note 45/1/18:  We used to have two photos on this blog. But somehow they were removed and replaced with a bunch of vulgar hashtags. We're looking into how our blog was hacked.

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