Saturday, July 30, 2016

Shame on the In-Your-Face Sexual Movement

We have had an unusual amount of traffic on our transgender and drag queen posts. We've received some hate mail. Really? We are haters because we think it's goofy to dress up as the opposite sex, except maybe on Halloween and even then it's iffy? Why all the interest, really?
We say it's another step toward  sanctioned and protected unlimited sexual behaviors. It's another nose-thumb at God and reality and order and manners and decency. And the reason it's being done is because it is in-your-face. Transgendering/crossdressing is something usually so obvious that it can't be denied. People have to deal with it. It's like a teenager dying her hair purple or piercing her nose to get attention. Think about it. We never know who is particularly homosexual or not, but we usually do know who is trying to impersonate the opposite sex. They either let it be known in a big flamboyant way, like the drag queen organist we've been writing about lately who probably dresses up and entertains somewhere or other as a female impersonator, or they just dress up whenever they feel like it and pretend to actually be the opposite sex. This is usually apparent. As our friend said, men don't make good women (and vice versa). It's usually easy to tell when a person doesn't match their adornments.  Oftentimes they overdo it. They try to outwoman women and it's unmistakably fake and over-the-top. What a strange behavior. It is obviously sexual, as in about sex and sexuality.  People used to do such shameful things in secret, but no more.

First, do drag queens and transgenders really mean to pass for the opposite sex? Certainly not drag queens or they wouldn't have a job. Their whole purpose is to dress up as the opposite sex in highly outrageous ways so everybody knows they are males dressing up as females. They get gigs or go to parties as female impersonators.  But it seems there are some tortured individuals who really do want to quietly pass for the opposite sex . A friend showed me photos on his phone of his niece who has pumped up her body and taken steroids and seems to pass for male, on the surface anyway. But that person is no activist. What about those who put themselves forward, give interviews, get on the news, appear in magazines, write books? What about the activists and those who support them? What is that all about? We see people who don't mean to pass for the opposite sex and some who do, but no distinction is being made between a rebellious flamboyancy and a real mental illness. In spite of all the "compassion" flying around no one seems to care about these people. It's just about how anything should be accepted and celebrated. Yes, those of us who are still thinking and feeling are the bigots and haters. So what is all the push for transgender rights and acceptance and celebration really about? 

Image result for drag queenAs the movement flattens and mutilates our culture as with a steamroller, we see ever more outrageous costuming and behaviors. Please note that nobody talks about boundaries or limits. Please note that public sentiment, policies, and laws are encouraging unlimited sex behaviors. Please note that little children are being objectified and exploited. Please note that religious freedom and free speech is being sacrificed on this altar. Please note that unless people speak out against the hedonism we are witnessing in every aspect of society, this intimidation, oppression, and the societal ills that follow will only worsen. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. (Edmund Burke)

Our readers on the other side need to do some thinking. Do you really want rampant hedonism instead of some standard of decency? Today, the former is being embraced and the latter is being punished. Is this really the kind of world you want? Is is right or fair for innocent people? For children?

There will always be scoundrels and rebels and mentally ill people. It's too bad. But at least we mustn't allow it to be shoved in everybody's face and call it good or persecute those who take a stand against this nonsense.

The only shame is to have no shame, wrote Pascal. 

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