Sunday, May 29, 2016

When the Evil Exception Rules

One of the arguments among supposedly decent and religious people for the softening toward and acceptance of  very wrong things, including all things LGBTQI, is that we mustn't judge, we don't know what people have been through, we must respect and understand people who struggle. In other words, they are deciding there is no such thing as evil anymore, at least in the cases they decide. There are just some unusual exceptions that we must "first endure, then pity, then embrace."  Alexander Pope warned of this trend in humanity a long time ago. This anti-God, anti-Christ philosophy has been creeping up on us a long time and is now in full swing.

One woman tells about an incident more than twenty years ago when she served as Young Women's president in her LDS ward. There were many problems with both promiscuity and drug dealing among the youth.  When she pointed out that selling drugs by some of the boys in the ward was totally out of line she was bombarded with scorn from girls and parents. "How dare you criticize! You don't know what they've been through!" were the expressions of impassioned outrage. It was the YW president who had done evil, not the boys illegally selling drugs to other youth at an overnight church youth activity. Here was a classic case of killing the messenger instead of confronting the evil and actually caring about the boys, their temporal and spiritual well-being, along with those they exploited. And that was where it ended. The exception ruled.  In this case the drug dealers got away with their evil and the person calling attention to the evil got shamed and ostracized.

The same attitude is now prevailing when it comes to individuals self-identifying as gay or the opposite sex. How dare we judge them? We don't know what they've been through. All they need is love. Who cares what the scriptures say? Therefore, the exception overrides all former rules and becomes the only rule. Yes, they say, we had better go along. Gay marriage? Fine. Gay parenting? Great. Bisexuality? Why not? People of any age impersonating the opposite sex? Sure. Wait a second . . . boys in the girls' showers? Well, we don't know what they've been through . . . If they really think they belong there . . . The girls will just have to adapt. And boys too, if girls want to be boys. In fact, let's make everybody go along. Yes, let's have everybody bow to the exception, no matter how wrong it is.

Or if it gets really confusing let's just pretend that the people who are running things at the moment are people of good will toward all men and it can all be worked out. Somehow. By somebody.

Sorry. Not going to happen. 

Among intelligent and civilized people, when it comes to rules and policies and laws, these must be made and enforced for the good of all, not according to the whims of the few. When good general policies or rules or laws are made and carried out on a societal scale, individual wills must bow to these. This is no longer happening. In fact it is the very opposite that is happening. The individual exceptions are winning out over the general rules.

The truth is, all people do not have a feeling of good will toward men. The world as it is includes evil. Evil in people exists. And people who cover up other people's evil are evil too. They are like those three monkeys. See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. That's how evil proliferates.

Here at Standard of Liberty we do not tolerate, accommodate, and excuse evil. We do not pretend that where good and evil are concerned there can be fairness. All scripture and all history and all the accumulated wisdom of this wide world shows that good and evil do not peacefully co-exist. One will be harmed and the other punished.

When the evil exception is preferred it becomes the rule. And Good is cast aside.

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