Thursday, May 5, 2016

It Doesn't Take Much to Turn Some People

Gee, some people's supposed values are sure weak and phony. They can't stand up to anything negative. They are just too used to being coddled and flattered and revered and complimented and awarded. Here's an example.

An apparently well-to-do LDS couple involved in humanitarian efforts in Africa gets invited to receive an award from the University of Utah, that is the wife is invited to receive an award along with three other people. Then the homosexualists get wind of it and find out the woman is on the board of the World Congress of Families, an organization that was formed to combat the homosexual movement but which by the way has softened a great deal to the point of barely mentioning the issue anymore. The WCF is one of the traditional values organizations that has been proclaimed "a hate group" by the infamous Southern Poverty Law Center. Does this woman stick to her guns, that is, her values? Or does she cave? You guessed it. She caves. Yes, she resigned from the board of WCF rather than take a little heat from a small group of crafty, tyrannical, and proudly immoral people. Wow. Now that is sad.

Yes, evidently she is one of those who sees only the very surface of things, who is tossed by every philosophical wind, who caters to men rather than to God, who panders to sin rather than miss out on earthly praise, whose powers of discernment have atrophied, who on some issues makes no distinction between right and wrong, who has bought the anti-Christ notion that life is all about human relations and some undefined sort of all-encompassing temporal and sociological "love."

We submit she is one of those utopianists with very strong but erroneous opinions, who get their self-worth from going around showing everyone how they are making the world a better place. This is not Christianity and the world will never be a better place because it's the world, not heaven. A little education can teach you that. Of course we try to help people to improve their temporal circumstances. But as Jesus said, the poor will always be with us. So will the sick and the infirm and the crazy and the depressed and the wicked. The primary thing to do is to share the gospel of Christ: God's love and truth and sin and repentance and redemption. When we use the Lord's solutions, one result may be that people's temporal circumstances may well improve in the process, besides giving everybody involved opportunity for spiritual growth which is essential for eternal life. If we seek the Spirit we'll know the best why and how of  helping others.

People who get so caught up in these purely sociological endeavors, however well-meant, are prone to lose sight of the ephemeral nature of mortality. They start to think this is all there is, or rather their accomplishments are all there is. Wrong. So wrong.

Oh my, what some people will sell their souls for! It's the old story of Dr. Faust selling his immortal soul to the devil for a few years of earthly pleasures being lived out over and over again. But this isn't fiction. People are doing this very thing --- in real life.

And don't forget. The homosexualists are not appeased. Whatever people do to appease them is never enough. Despite her immediate renouncing of the WCF, this woman is still on the outs because she used to be affiliated with the WCF. You see,these homosexualists enjoy intimidating/inflicting pain and suffering on others just for the enjoyment of it. This is the nature of homosexuality. It's maladaptive, hurtful, cruel. It's a whole mindset of tyranny over others. And people like this woman would rather step in line and be tyrannized than go to any trouble to be free. That's also human nature. 

But wait, it appears she was a phony board member to begin with, or a weak one anyway. Some people will say and do anything just to be somebody they consider "important," no matter what the organization. Again, the human condition. Maybe for her it's not about values at all, unless you call being popular with human beings a value. According to her, she is suddenly all about supporting all kinds of families and says, " . . . I do not want my personal values to be misinterpreted." Again, why was she on the board of  the big WCF in the first place, if when it's brought to light she is embarrassed about it? Apparently it was all just for show. They should be glad to be rid of her.

Among other things, what we have here is a failure to be religious being carried out by very outwardly religious people. Jesus soundly condemned this and called it hypocrisy. All religion concerns what we learn here to prepare us for our spiritual condition in eternity. That's what Jesus was concerned with. Everything he said and did was to teach a spiritual lesson for the benefit of our immortal souls. If you care more about the here and now and give little or no thought to the hereafter, there is nothing to stop you from doing the easiest, most man-pleasing, most vain-glorious, most ungodly things in whatever situation strikes you. And yea, verily, you have your reward now, and will reap the consequences later.

Lord help us all.

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