Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Where Transgenders Belong

Warning: In our PC world that embraces evil, vice, insanity, and nonsense over reality and true compassion and righteousness, the following is going to sound very harsh. But of course it is right and true and essential, and is the best for everyone.

Where do transgenders belong? Please note that we are not talking about people who are struggling against gender identity problems, are reaching out for help, or at least are not demanding special accommodations or acceptance. We are talking about people who proudly self-identify as the opposite sex (there is no scientific proof), who shamelessly flaunt themselves as the opposite sex in public, and who demand that everyone else officially accept them as the opposite sex and bow to their every whim.  Most thinking people agree that transgenders do not belong in opposite sex sanitary facilities, whatever parts they have or don't have at the moment. (Most transgenders do not surgically mess with their genitalia.) But we're not talking restrooms here; we're talking residence, as in where they not only do their business but live and eat and sleep and everything. Where should they be?

Some little children have some degree of gender identity confusion, which could be caused by all sorts of environmental and personality issues, family relationships, peer abuse, sexual abuse, and so forth. Or it could be a sort of childish whimsy, a passing phase, what we used to call tomboyishness/sissyness. Think of all the little kids who go through a stage of pretending they are dogs or cats or the opposite sex. It's called being a child. They don't have the facts of life quite down yet. In fact, almost all children grow out of such stages or confusion. Wouldn't it help if parents and other authority figures encouraged them to develop proper gender identity, that is, masculinity/femininity according to their body and genetics, in order to live a normal and productive life and be a good example to others? Oh, and reproduce?

It should be obvious to everyone in our rotting culture today that children need proper, purposeful, deliberate guidance. It's a culture that actively pushes false and destructive notions about sex and the two sexes, such as that male and female are equal in every way and even interchangeable, that the sex of a person is arbitrarily "assigned" at birth instead of being totally obvious, that gender identity is up to an individual's whims, that promiscuity and pornography are harmless, that gender fluidity, masturbation, casual sex, sexual experimentation, and sexual abuse are healthy to sexual development.

If we want children to develop into mature responsible adults they need to be intentionally taught correct attitudes toward sexuality and proper gender roles based on reality when it comes to the most important things. We're not talking sports or clothes or hair or hobbies or talents or worldly ambitions or careers. We're talking sanitation and health and safety and modesty and chastity and marriage and procreation and morality. Pretty much the birds and the bees.  Boys and girls have very different issues in very important areas. For instance, girls and boys have different organs that have different functions. Girls menstruate and boys don't. Boys have wet dreams and girls don't. Boys are generally physically stronger than girls. And so forth. Civilized people make accommodations for these obvious general differences.

No transgender person, no matter to what extent they go to impersonate the opposite sex will ever know what it's really like to be the opposite sex in these important areas.

Older children, teens, and adults who decide to present themselves as the opposite sex have a serious disorder. How cruel it is of our society today to pretend they do not have this serious disorder. It is especially cruel and abusive to the person and to the children and youth they come in contact with.

While everyone is talking about allowing transgenders into the public bathroom of their choice, a serious problem is being ignored. The truth, and the way it has been handled in the past, is that people with stubborn gender identity disorder have been discouraged in it and given professional help.  David Pickup, a licensed marriage & family therapist who helps those struggling against transgenderism, says that in every case this disorder is the result of major trauma.  This damage must be rooted out. The worst thing we can do is pretend there is nothing wrong. In doing that we are aiding them in their perverse delusion and outlandish behavior and showing absolutely no compassion for horrific abuses they have suffered. In all cases transgenders should be looked upon as abnormal, encouraged towards normality, and offered help. In all cases transgenderism should be seen as a harmful and destructive disorder. In some cases these individuals should be separated from normal society.

We submit that if proud transgenders were faced with treatment/institutionalization as their only options, many of them would straighten up or at least be more private about it. We need to again distinguish between truly emotionally/mentally ill people and pure hedonists/anarchists. If a society gives radical sexual revolutionaries an inch, they will take a mile. But if a society rejects harmful sexual revolutionary ideas and acts, such revolutionaries will fade into the background and no longer be able to exploit the truly ill and confused.

transgender, faithYes. We've said it. Crazy people belong in places set aside for crazy people, not in public acting as if nothing is crazy. Take "Barbara Satin," for instance, whom Pres. Obama appointed to the President's Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. (That's very scary right there.) He is 82. For 28 years he has been presenting himself as a woman even though he has a wife whom he now again lives with and grown children. As a friend of ours put it, men make bad women.

Remember Corporal Klinger on the TV show Mash? He flamboyantly dressed himself as a woman in order to get kicked out of the army. But since everyone knew he wasn't really crazy and just wanted out of the army, they ignored it. Of course that whole situation, the cross dressing and the ignoring of the cross dressing, happened on comedy TV 50 years ago. And yes, in those days real life men who dressed as women were considered certifiably crazy.

True transgenderism is a symptom of deep trauma and a gamut of psychoses. As per the homosexual movement juggernaut and all the destruction it is leaving in its wake, this disease has been hijacked and exploited to get gain, and may simply be used today by some as an attention-getting device, act of rebellion, or sexual turn-on for hedonists. There is a sadistic side to sex. Perhaps it drives people crazy. To go to such lengths for any reason has got to be crazy. But really crazy people don't know they are crazy. And yet they can appear to be perfectly normal. Someone once said that sociopaths, including serial rapists and murderers, always appear normal, even extraordinarily personable and popular.

Perhaps huge sections of our whole society, by accepting transgenderism as normal, have gone crazy. Mao Tse Tung and his minions were crazy. Imagine declaring flower gardens and kitchen cooking utensils against the law! Evil is a form of disorder, rebellion, craziness. People get something they want out of evil. Sin is pleasurable. Power is addictive. Love of power can drive people insane. Pride can make people blind to what's right and good. It's the sane, seeing people who must take things in hand, out of real compassion for humanity and to ensure public order and safety.

If we want to be a civilized people we have to distinguish between lunacy and sanity. We have to treat craziness as craziness, no matter what the cause of the craziness.

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