Thursday, May 19, 2016

No Problem, Until It Happens to YOU

The problem with liberals and others who just don't fully engage, let's call them apathetics, is that they don't think things through. Life is just going along and, well, they live very superficial existences and don't care much about anything but themselves. They've lost what C.S. Lewis called the primary human value, which is to care about human posterity, that is, the future of humankind in every aspect. That's what people used to do. Think of the founding fathers. They risked everything in order to begin something huge and new they thought would benefit generations to come like never before. This was not to benefit themselves in the here and now as much as to be a blessing to those who would come after, those they would never know. They hoped their careful efforts in establishing a unique country with high ideals and principles, and checks and balances on flawed human nature, would prove to make people free and responsible and productive for hundreds of years or however long it could be upheld and sustained. How's that for selflessness? It's actually a type of Christ.

We remember when we went to Glenn Beck's big rally at the Lincoln Memorial in 2010. The place was packed. It was so exciting to be with people who held similar beliefs about important things. We camped next to a nice family from the midwest and chatted a bit. We had just published our book Chased by an Elephant, the Gospel Truth about Today's Stampeding Sexuality, along with a nondenominational Christian version called Wild Elephant. We offered to send them one as a gift and told them a little bit about it. The father responded, well, no thanks, but if we ever have that problem in our family, we'll know where to find help. Case in point: Nobody cares about what's happening all around them until it affects them directly. This ignorance and apathy is a recipe for the culture rot and societal collapse we are now experiencing.

We were being interviewed about Obama's directive to all schools (which amounts to threatening to defund states which do not allow people, male or female,  into the sanitary facilities of their choice) by a nice young man from an ultra liberal local weekly newspaper yesterday. He had no wife or children, just a student, he said. We asked him what he thought about it. He said the issue was of negligible importance. Then we asked him what he'd do if he had a little daughter who went into the little girls' room to be confronted by a strange man. He seemed a bit taken aback. We urged him to think it through, and think bigger, think beyond his own bubble, think into the future.

What we see here is gross ignorance in the form of cemented uninformed opinions. What we see here in this plague of political correctness is an astounding lack of real and lasting concern for humanity, clothed in a selfish, live-and-let-live, totally phony concern for a strange and tiny segment of humanity. What we see here is hypocrisy in the flesh.The short-sightedness and selfishness and smugness and lack of humankindness is astounding. It's as if many people are not growing up into mature adults. Ever.

Let's repeat. Aside from the very real dangers the ignoring of male/female signs opens up, you're not helping a child (or teen or adult) by encouraging gender identity confusion. You're condemning that person to a lifetime of misery and sterility and hopelessness. The great majority of children naturally grow out of such childishness or trauma or confusion, 88-98 percent! But this could change. When authority figures, from the President on down, encourage that confusion, celebrate it and put their stamp of approval on it, even sexualize it in our oversexed pornographied culture, they encourage bizarre experimentation and acting out. The results will be more gender confusion and misery and chaos and harm---on a societal scale. Fact: What is encouraged will increase.

People who think they are islands, that this destruction of the civil society won't negatively impact their comfy private lives, need to open up their hearts and minds and think again.

President Obama, put your your money where your mouth is. We'd like to see you use the women's facilities. Yes, if  as U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said, male/female bathroom signs are as discriminatory as white/colored signs, you are the same as a racist bigot if you use the bathroom sign that correlates with your genitalia or gender identity.

Males in female shower rooms, the killing of unborn babies, no guns to protect one's family, 18-year-old girls forced to sign up for the draft, no God who loves us and no Christ who died for our sins. It's all great to smug and narrow and perhaps evil people until or unless they see what havoc these travesties and false notions have wrought in their own lives.

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