Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Milk of Human Meanness

Utahns who don't know who Harvey Milk (1930-1978) was, you are lucky. But now you need to know if only because the Salt Lake City council has voted unanimously to name 9th South Street Harvey Milk Boulevard.

Milk is one of the Liberal Left's most revered saints. Naming things after Harvey Milk is something homosexualists do every chance they get. Two years ago our President treated the whole country to a Harvey Milk commemorative postage stamp.

Milk was a gay New Yorker who moved to San Francisco and entered local politics in the 1970s. He became famous for being the first out-of-the-closet homosexual to be elected to a public office. But there's much more. Before that he had become well known for working with at-risk youth in NYC, that's teenage male runaway drug addicts. Troubled, needy, wayward, cold, lonely kids.

"Working" with troubled youth and foster children is something sex activists seem prone to do, most likely because it puts them in close trusted positions of authority with teenagers. It gives them a green light to give lost, immature, inexperienced, confused kids any sort of ideas and experiences regarding sex and sexuality they have a mind to. Think Baden-Powell, Alfred Kinsey, and Jerry Sandusky. They and untold numbers of others put themselves in the same positions as Milk did.

Milk, in his thirties, liked them young and boyish-looking. He seduced them and then dumped them when he found them too grown up for him. He was a predator, a pederast, a statutory rapist, a sodomite---in no uncertain terms.

A revealing book about Milk called The Mayor of Castro Street (1982) was written by a close friend of Milk's and fellow homosexual, Randy Shilts. (Castro Street is San Francisco's gay district.) In this book he relates that Milk sexually seduced and sodomized a 16-year-old addict runaway, Jack McKinley, who moved into his New York City apartment with him. After their breakup and much later, when McKinley threatened suicide, all Milk cared about was that he didn't "make a mess"  (his own words). McKinley ended up indeed killing himself at age 33, the age Milk was when he sodomized him. Another of Milk's sexual partners much younger than himself also committed suicide.  "Harvey always had a penchant for young waifs with substance abuse problems," wrote Shilts. Apparently age 24 was the oldest man the much older Milk ever had a sexual affair with.

Homosexualists turn a blind eye to Milk's predatory sexual debauchery, heartlessness, and direct connection to gay suicides, at the same time blaming gay suicidality on an unaccepting bigoted public. How's that for the pot calling the kettle black? And they even get streets and schools and stamps named after him. They simply don't care about innocence and goodness and decency and rightness and health and law and order. Case in point: In a blog post called "Should Harvey Milk have been a registered sex offender?" a person made the following comment. (You might want to sit down. Grammar and spelling in context.)

"I don't see anything wrong with Harvey Milk sodomising the 16 year-old teen consensually because the teen will gain valuable sexual and social experience from the act and will turn him into a mature sexually experienced adult. The sexual experience described is no more different or a harmful version of socialisation than going to a football match."

Well, the person this happened to didn't mature much at all. He killed himself first.

Make of that what you should.

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