Friday, November 8, 2013

How Homosexualists Exploit Tragedy

Interesting. After we published "Beware the Gay Suicide Card" (our most visited post), we noticed that Affirmation, the pro-gay LDS group, removed the article from their website from which we got our quotes from the families of homosexuals who committed suicide. Yes, it no longer exists.

We wondered why Affirmation ever published it in the first place. After all, the families make it very clear that their loved ones did not take their own lives because of lack of acceptance for their homosexuality--- they were loved unconditionally, but had a long history of much deeper and more chronic emotional and mental problems. Contrary to Affrimation's agenda, somehow some truth slipped in. Was everybody there asleep? We and probably others eventually noticed it, and they removed the article.

It is well known that homosexualists will falsify, exaggerate, and spin any tragedy connected with homosexuals in order to further their cause. They are known to omit or cover up any information that casts a negative light on the homosexual community such as links to pornography addiction, promiscuity, mental illness, drug abuse, violence, perderasty, or the inordinately high rate of child sexual abuse. Their cause of course is to spread the notion that homosexuals are victims of an oppressive and bigoted society and that this is the sole reason young gays are bullied, murdered, and take their own lives, hence we must all accept homosexuality as normal. Besides being a non sequitur and apart from the dishonesty, the heartless simplification and exploitive nature of such a stance is astounding. It also suggests to impressionable youth that suicide is a natural reaction to nonacceptance, thus, actually encouraging suicides.

For example, it is now public knowledge that the famous case of Matthew Shepard, the gay man who was murdered, was grossly misrepresented. Yes, he was what people call "gay," but so were his murderers. They had had sexual relations with each other. The tragic violence that took Shepard's young life concerned an illegal drug transaction, not his homosexuality. These people were obviously involved in all sorts of bad stuff. And yet for fifteen years Shepard has been held up as the foremost iconic martyr for gay civil rights. If a pathetic criminal is the best homosexualists can come up with to make their case, could the real truth be that this hyped-up persecution of gays just because they are gay isn't really happening?

How about this nation-wide obsession with the huge problem of bullying, which, if the truth be known, is promulgated by homosexual activists? We came across an excellent and thought-provoking article, "Bullying is not on the rise and it does not lead to suicide." It points out that even the federal government admits, "It is not accurate and [is] potentially dangerous to present bullying as the 'cause' or 'reason' for a suicide, or to suggest that suicide is a natural response to bullying." (We wonder how long it will be before they are pressured to remove this statement.)

A great portion of our society, indeed, the powers that be, have bought into homosexualist propaganda. Read our post "Beware the Gay Suicide Card." Any reasonable person can see that it is measured, factual, and compassionate, pointing out what even our homosexualist federal government itself admits. And yet an angry reader wrote to us calling the post "vile excrement." The result of homosexualist propaganda is that many minds are now closed to truth and health and goodness and God. In other words, as a people we are stuck in a dark hole with no light. A society that irresponsibly disregards and misrepresents truth is one that eventually rots from the inside. The blind politically correct way we are dealing with homosexuality (and several other issues) doesn't help anybody. It only hurts individuals, the rising generation, and society as a whole.

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