Friday, October 25, 2013

Seriously Wild Oats

There are many, many people who acted out homosexually in their youth who are now living their lives exclusively heterosexually. Some may say they were merely messing around and never considered themselves gay. If we believe that, why do we believe anybody is gay? If gay isn't lusting after and messing around sexually with people of one's same sex, what is it? Maybe they'll say they were just experimenting, something that is highly promoted to youth by the LGBT community. But how is experimenting defined? How long does that last? Whatever you call it, they must have found pleasure in it or they wouldn't have done it. So weren't they what anyone would call gay or same-sex sexually attracted, at least for a time? And if they aren't gay anymore, isn't that proof that people can change? And in that sense, couldn't we say that all homosexuals are "experimenting?" Aren't we all in that same state of choosing each day how we'll think and act in this life, this great laboratory of learning?

Rather than labeling anyone gay or same-sex attracted, we think it's more accurate to say that many people, for one sad reason or another, sow some seriously wild oats in their youth, and some of those same people never grow up, but continue to sow those oats. Some sow those oats later in life (pornography is one of the main causes), because they get preoccupied with addictive sex to the exclusion of their family and their promises and God. 

In this era of  culture-wide sexual liberation, especially during the arrogance and rebelliousness of youth, more and more souls are acting out in all sorts of pernicious ways. Most college students know about LUGS: lesbians until graduation. These are girls who act out sexually with each other, that is until they leave campus and have to get on with the business of life, marriage, family. You won't hear "gay pride" from these, and yet they acted out identically to those the world thinks of as permanently "gay."

Gay activists even admit that human sexuality is not like ethnicity, but fluid, meaning it can change from day to day. But they don't yet admit this on any cultural scale. The public has been carefully and completely indoctrinated. Facts or no facts, conventional wisdom rules the day: people are born gay; they can't change. It's all hogwash. And it will develop into across-the-board depravity. When people set God and His rules aside, every wrong thing man can conceive of will be allowed sooner or later.

You won't hear much, if anything, from those who acted out homosexually in their earlier years, who eventually wised up and got on with living decent lives. They're ashamed, repentant, sobered, older, humbler. Only because those embracing homosexuality call themselves "gay," we could call these "ex-gay." But all they were was confused, bored, damaged, needy, deceived, addicted, ignorant, vain, rebellious, naughty, foolish, sinful, human, which are qualities common to us all in some degree or form.

When we ignore the fact that homosexuality comprises very bad sexual ideas and manners, and instead buy the popular notion that it's "who people are," we are denying reality. One of those realities is that more and more young people are being lured into sowing their wild sows in this way, and some are smart, mature, humble, repentant, and brave enough to root them out and move on.

These are the ones we should be celebrating and parading through our streets. 

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