Saturday, November 30, 2013

The "Noble" "LDS" "Gay"

It's very public. We see it in magazines, on blogs, in conferences. We now have people who put themselves on pedestals because of their unrequited perverse and unnatural sexual lusts. Namely, Mormons who openly claim a permanent gay identity, more or less, and who also claim celibacy from same-sex sex, however they decide to define celibacy because it isn't officially defined anywhere. They crown themselves with laurel leaves and sing a song of noble sacrifice. Really? This is worthy of praise? Let's think about it. 

Do we put on public pedestals young people who proclaim they made it to marriage without fornicating? Do we put on public pedestals people who openly share their pleasure in adulterous lusts who don't actually commit full-on adultery? Do we put on public pedestals people who make a career of pornography addiction who proclaim they are "managing" their use of the sleazy, destructive  material, whatever that means? Do we put on public pedestals people who claim to the world they can't help sexualizing little children but who brag that they won't actually harm any children? If we do we certainly should not. We shouldn't praise anyone (including ourselves) for having dirty minds and low characters because they boast they are avoiding doing something even "worse."

The funny thing is, there are LDS gays who do. They puff themselves up for the amazing sacrifice they are making, that is, not committing, what, sodomy? Really? Yes, among other naughty things, sodomy is what it comes down to when they whine that they can never "be" with a same-sex soul mate. Of course you won't hear them calling it that. For male homosexuals, sodomy is the consummation of their "love." What kind of twisted thinking is this? Not only is sodomy selfish and harmful rather than loving, why are gays the only people on earth who think they deserve praise for abstaining from abomination? Why do they think they are the only ones who have sexual temptations? Why do they think they are the only ones who deserve some sort of award for not giving in to "filthy" lusts? (The word filthy is used in scripture, it appears for good reason.) Everybody has sexual feelings that may easily take a wrong direction. Every sane striving person controls his or her sexuality privately and doesn't expect some sort of award. And people who stray in any degree, in their minds, hearts, or bodies, can always repent and get help if needed.

But there is no repentance here. Let's put it this way. Are people extra-noble because they don't stuff an entire Costco chocolate cake in their mouth? The thing is terribly wrong and disgusting in the first place, so how can it be gloriously noble to abstain from it? If this is what we've come to, we've completely lost our basic sense of values and morality. We should praise people for doing good, not for not doing bad. How dumbed-down and alienated from human goodness can we be?

Reality check: these people are not martyrs. They are not noble. They are not humble or repentant. They are not worshiping the Lord. They are setting themselves up as a light when they are lost in darkness. They are fooling themselves. And apparently, plenty of others.

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