Friday, November 29, 2013

Who is Really Anti-Gay?

Anti-gay. The wording is tossed around today like a football. It's listed right along with antisemitic, racist, misogynist. But what is it and who really is?

The world's view is this. Anti-gays are people who are against anything gay, anything LGBTQI. Saying anything that casts a negative light on any alternative sexual identity or the corresponding behavior is not allowed. After all, gays are everywhere. They are our friends, our sons, our daughters, our relatives, our teachers, our professors, our leaders, our co-workers. Everyone must be pro-gay and people who aren't pro-gay are the scum of the earth. Apparently pro-gays care more about human relations than God, so they accept homosexuality and everything that comes with it. They pretend that homosexuality is orderly, righteous, wholesome, and healthy. The new homosexualists think themselves above dwelling on what homosex actually comprises. They ignore the totally preventable, inordinate, chronic and life-shortening health risks, dangers and costs to society. Religious doctrines and scriptures about sexual morality are outdated. Pro-gays know better than God. Anti-gays are hateful, bigoted, overzealous, religious fanatics who should be shunned and punished.

The true Christian's view is this: Without Christ there is no morality, and vice versa. We love everyone, but yes, we are most certainly anti-gay as in anti-homosexuality, not anti-people. We may appear to be against a person or people, but what we are really against is the concept. We can't have people promoting or teaching homosexuality to our children. We think homosexuality is bad for individuals and bad for societies, as have the greatest thinkers and writers of all time. The thing we care most about is God, His goodness and His truth, so we must take a stand against things like abortion and homosexuality, unpopular as this stand may be. Anti-gays are people who know that certain thoughts and behaviors are outside of God's boundaries. They know that sin hurts people, mind, body, and soul. They know that homosexual lusts and behaviors are highly risky, that they harden hearts and shorten lives. They know that these people are often damaged and/or rebellious. Anti-gay people want to help gays, just as those who know what drug addiction does to people want to help those enslaved by drug addiction. The true Christian is prepared to be punished and persecuted for following Jesus Christ and truly caring about their fellow man.

Who is really anti-gay? Answer:  those we think of as pro-gay, because they embrace the unnaturalness and wickedness and destructiveness of homosexuality in others as normal and harmless. They are the haters. They turn a blind eye to reality. They don't care about the welfare, physical or spiritual, of their gay friends, sons, daughters, relatives, teachers, professors, leaders, or co-workers. Puffed up in their pretense of  so-called compassion and magnanimity and open-mindedness, they care more about themselves than the poor souls they are enabling.

True Christians must be anti-everything the Lord forbids. They must be longsuffering and patient. They must love truth more than the praise of men. They must respect individual agency while testifying of truth and reality. They must find peace in the midst of persecution. They must continually trust in the Lord despite the depravity of the world around them. They must continually recognize and repent of their own sins. Whenever possible and appropriate they must reach out in truth and love to those who are laboring in and celebrating sin. Saying: "Homosexuality is a sin and Christ can set you free" is not hateful. It is loving. Pro-gays think it is hate because truth is hate to them. People who are not virtuous do not understand virtue. Christians are obligated to spread the word of God, come what may. 

(As for the few, rare, anti-gays and anti-gay groups whose methods are truly hateful, such as picketing soldiers' funerals to protest the military's embrace of homosexuality and carrying signs that say "God hates gays," and the like, they have cause to repent. Their pride has led them astray. God does not hate any of his children. He so loved the world that He sent His only begotten son to save us all from our sins if we so desire. These people seem to hate gay people, yes, but for different reasons than pro-gays do.)

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