Friday, November 8, 2013

Families Are Forever?

In the first few seconds of a 2-minute preview of a video called, "Families Are Forever," from Family Acceptance Project, apparently produced for LDS parents, it is obvious what it's really about. In the video we are treated to parents who quite incredibly give in to and celebrate their young child's claim to some "alternative" form of sexuality.

Yes, incredibly, many supposedly God-fearing parents whose child of whatever age "comes out," suddenly shift their long-held scriptural beliefs. Perhaps because they fear their child will do something wrong or do themselves damage, they decide to go along, preempting the wrong by calling it right (or pretending to). From there they dismiss doctrine, rewrite the child's history from a gay-affirming perspective, and squelch their own proper instincts so that they can feel free to embrace the child's current sexual proclivities. A key word here is "child." What kind of parents are these who think their little child or teen or young adult knows more about sex and sexuality than they do? Obviously, what these youth do know is all wrong and they learned it from all the wrong places.

Where are these parents? Why don't they care about how and where their child got these ideas and feelings, who they've been talking to, what they've been looking at, what they've been doing sexually, if they've been molested, and what deeper problems could be the cause? Why don't they ask themselves what they themselves may have done wrong? Why aren't they correcting these depraved ideas and replacing them with truth and right and goodness? Why do they get their marching orders from the world instead of turning to the Lord? Why don't they HELP their child?

I'll tell you where these parents are. Absent. Morally, intellectually, and spiritually absent. They'd rather conform to their mixed-up child's dangerous and soul-killing whims than teach them the truth. Can anything be more upside-down?

Is it fear? Is it ignorance? Is it pride? Is it pro-homosexual indoctrination? It certainly isn't the opposite of any of those: confidence, knowledge, humility, and everlasting truth. One thing is obvious: many parents who KNOW how God feels about this have decided to value their human relations more than their relationship with God. And throw their child's precious soul under the bus in the process. (And their future too, maybe even their life -- the gay lifestyle is fraught with inordinately great physical risks.)

They need a serious reality check.This life is not a dress rehearsal. It's the real thing. The choices we make here and now, the attitudes we develop, the things we treasure, make us who we are and will accompany us into the next life. If we put anything before God, including our popularity with our children, we won't desire to be where He is. If this is where we are at present we must repent and experience the mighty change of heart, that is, if we want to live with Heavenly Father (and our families) forever.

We plead with parents (and all others) that they will educate themselves and take a stand. Our website has tons of illuminating information and resources not available in the mainstream and the opposite of gay propaganda. Don't be a morally and spiritually absent parent. Show up. Do the difficult thing. Love your child enough to find out what went wrong. Speak up. Pray for direction and correction. Love your child all the same, but stand against their claim to a "gay identity" and offer them help to overcome it just as you would stand against and offer help to a child who was addicted to drugs. (Some say out-of-bounds sex is even more addicting than drugs.) Do what you can to prevent them from going further down this dangerous path. Find out how they developed these wrong ideas. Correct them. Teach them the proper attitudes. Love truth and share it. Care about the physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and spiritual health of your child, including his or her precious immortal soul, enough to stand for God and His Word. After all, this is God's child first. If we as parents fail in this responsibility, sin is on our heads. 

The Spirit of the Lord can help parents (and all others involved) know what and when to talk about these things with such a child. The important thing for parents is to know and make it known that they believe in God and goodness, come what may, and that approving of homosexuality is the antithesis of God and goodness. Sad to say, parents who take this stand may also have to love their child enough to endure their disapproval, tantrums, criticism, misrepresentations, and rejection.

Parents, this may be your most difficult and greatest test. For the sake of your precious child and your own precious soul, will you step up and choose God?

We have news. God is forever. First. Always. Eternally. And families won't be forever if they don't put God first.

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