Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Marriage Debate:Too Little, Too Late

As state after state falls to the full legitimization of "gay marriage" (there are 13 at this writing), some institutions are still holding out. These traditionalists may be retreating from the public fight, but are insisting they will not give in, policy-wise (whatever that looks like). How long will they hold out? What is causing them to take a stand against homosexuality at this particular point? Their reason can't be God and morality because homosexuality itself is immoral, an abomination before God; they gave up on God and morality a long time ago if and when they accepted the false notion that homosexuality is inborn and pretty much unchangeable, which many have done. Now all they are saying is that they want to keep marriage between a man and a woman for this or that reason, while respecting others' beliefs and hoping that same respect will work both ways. Sorry, that isn't enough. It isn't enough for God. It isn't enough for the poor souls caught up in homosexualism. It isn't enough for our children who are being indoctrinated into embracing unlimited sex and sexuality as normal and harmless. And it isn't enough to stop the juggernaut.

In all their efforts to be tolerant and popular, traditionalists have become completely distracted. Afraid to take a stand against homosexuality itself, when the sexual activists seized upon marriage, the traditionalists gave a deep sigh of relief because now they could stand for something while avoiding being against anything. But of course it's all a pretense. Of course people who are for traditional marriage are also totally against gay marriage, and of course these same people are also totally against the practice of homosexuality because that's what happens in gay marriage, and of course people against anything homosexual are going to be labeled and punished later if not sooner. 
Reality check: Any negative sentiment toward gay marriage (which includes any positive sentiment for traditional marriage) is now being proclaimed discriminatory/anti-gay. It doesn't matter what your "tone" is, how "delicately you put it, or how much you truly love people, any hesitancy at all toward celebrating homosexuality (even warning of the obvious health risks) is now perceived as hate, ignorance, and bigotry. Truth is hate to people who hate truth, says our friend Peter LaBarbera. So if we're trying to avoid being punished, all this magnanimous niceness, all this we're-pro-traditional-marriage-but-of course-we-love-and-accept-and-respect-homosexuality rhetoric is not only intellectually dishonest, it's also for naught. The other day a guy named Craig James got fired from his job at Fox Sports Network because someone dug up the fact that last year when he was running for the U. S. Senate he said he was in favor of marriage as between a man and a woman. Apparently being for traditional marriage, meaning you are against gay marriage, is one of the worst things you can be nowadays. Just last night we were watching a TV show and one of the characters was informed by an acquaintance that her profile on a dating site had obviously been hacked, the clincher being that she said something upsetting about gay marriage, whereupon she went into shock and sputtered how awful this was and of course no one would say such things. There you go.

C. S. Lewis said, "Wherever any precept of traditional morality is simply challenged by the world to produce its credentials, as though the burden of proof lay on it, we have taken the wrong position." In other words, defending man-woman marriage is the wrong position. The real issue, which is the worldwide love affair with sexual license being preferred over religious freedom, reality, health, and safety, has been bypassed and is being neglected. As morality and God and the worth of souls are rationalized and forgotten, one trusted institution after another has made one concession after another, which will eventually lead to, for all practical purposes, the full tolerance of unlimited sex and sexuality. 

It's funny how people think the sexual liberation juggernaut will stop on precisely the spot they want it to stop, right before their own opinion of a legitimate boundary is breached, as if their enemies can read their minds and will oblige them.

The gay movement has been extremely successful. It has captured the public sentiment without any significant direct dissent. Please note that the marriage debate, because it is only a distraction, has not made a dent in the homosexual movement; on the contrary it has bolstered it. Homosexuality is now open and commonplace. It is accepted in our families, our churches, our schools, our entertainment, our businesses, our governing bodies. The traditionalists may still insist that they will never permit same-sex marriage in their institutions, but having already given in on principle, the practice parades on in nevertheless.

Real life case in point: A same-sex couple with children moves into your neighborhood. Legally married in some state or not, they act like a married couple/family and participate in the same school and church and playgroups you and your family do. The same-sex couple arranges playdates with your kids. You know it's possible that the kids will role play and talk and that their unique family situation will come up. You don't want your children to grow up thinking there's nothing wrong with same-sex coupling, but you don't know what to do about it. You're a nice person, so you're stuck. You would never want to break up a family or hurt someone's feelings. No one, no leaders, no teachers, no parents, no, nobody in your church or neighborhood or schools wants to offend anyone either. Everyone just wants to get along and be thought well of. So the fact is, short of relocating, no one will say or do anything negative and all the children touched by this situation will grow up believing there's nothing unusual or wrong about the practice of homosexuality. Parents may even be afraid to teach their children at home that homosexual behavior is wrong for fear of word getting out. In addition, because we will hesitate to teach anything about proper marriage and family for fear of offending homosexuals, children will grow up confused, perhaps even believing homosexuality is to be preferred.

Traditionalists can say all the glowing, insistent words against same-sex marriage they want (and they should, and might help someone), but public sentiment is ruling the day. This is happening because traditionalists doggedly chased the marriage red herring while emboldened homosexuality came, saw, and conquered our society for all practical and social purposes. What those with influence should have done is stood steadfast, bravely and wholeheartedly with God and His Truth, instead of being distracted by the marriage debate. It's ridiculous that marriage is having to "produce its credentials;" men can't mate with men or women with women. Why are we even having this conversation? The root of the issue is: homosexuality in all its forms is perverse and harmful, in principle or in practice, "married" or not.

And let's not forget that godless lawless sexual activists have no boundaries.This is obviously only the beginning.

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