Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Virtuous, Informed, and Christ-like

There are so many things wrong with the following comment we got in response to our post, "If Being Gay Isn't About Sex," we hardly know where to begin. But we'll make the attempt because the comment is indicative of false but pervasive and harmful public sentiments.

This post is disgusting, naive and lacks any Christ-like attributes.

I wonder, as a woman, would your opinion have been heard or legitimized only 100 years ago? Simply because you were a woman you couldn't even vote. In the day, some men argued that women's suffrage was rooted in moral decay. But today you enjoy the fruits of those battles. You're given respect and your own voice.

What you fail to understand is the reality and pain associated with homosexuality. The prophets have spoken on homosexuality for many years. Most of their teachings on the cause, and cure, of homosexuality have been proven wrong. Current prophets have distanced themselves from those teachings. No longer is the advice, pray and get married. Instead, they admit it is an essential characteristic of an individual and we are to show kindness and love toward all.

Where is your love? Where is your Christ-like compassion? 

1. It's not clear what Janice's female gender has to do with this topic. Are you comparing womanhood with homosexuality, as if homosexuality is a third sex? There are only two: male and female. See Genesis and the Family Proclamation, or would you rather put your foundation in organizations that now claim there are dozens of perfectly normal genders, even up to 63? When any and everything can be a gender, the   distinction between male and female and proper gender roles is lost. This is the Godless, lawless sex activists' objective in order to legitimize all sex acts.

2. Are you saying that homosexualists do not have a voice in today's world? Are you kidding? They are running the place! By the way, homosexuals have never been denied the vote.

3. We do understand the reality and pain associated with homosexuality because we are parents who watched it happen. Are you a parent? Have you experienced the reality and pain of watching your child go through peer and sexual abuse, indoctrination, confusion, and misery?  

4.Truth doesn't change according to the current culture. If you think past prophets were wrong, on what basis do you believe present ones are right? What we believe has to match up with the God's word (scriptures), our leaders, and the Spirit. If these three are not in agreement, something's gone wrong.

5.  You say that what past leaders have said about the causes and cures of homosexuality has been proven wrong. True, some of the "cures" used in the past were cruel and didn't work, and perhaps this is because they were treating only a symptom of much deeper problems, and of course the person has to really want to be free of it. There's no forcing anyone. The truth is there is no evidence that any sort of sexuality is inborn and unchangeable--- hetero, homo, or whatever. What you are relying on is called "wishful science." Even activist gay scientists admit they could not find a gay gene. That's because attitudes and feelings about our God-given sexuality are developed, taught and learned. You might consider that the wrong ideas have been carefully taught to current generations. It only makes sense that we should school our sexuality to fit biology, health, and pro-creation as in generations past.  

6. If current prophets are "distancing themselves" from this issue, you might consider why. There exists relentless pressure on all churches from homosexualists to change their doctrines and policies  to make them contrary to holy scripture. Do you really think it's a good idea to harass and persecute people of God, seeking to destroy their freedom to live and work and worship according to their conscience? Sexual freedom (which is not mentioned in the Constitution) with all its imagined offenses is being given precedence over our real first freedom. This isn't good for anyone.

7. The 1995 Family Proclamation, which has never been recalled, says , "All human beings--male and female-- are created in the image of God . . . Gender [male and female] is an essential characteristic of individual . . . identity and purpose." Do you see how you have used those same words (we put in italics) to construct and trump up some arbitrary extra gender to cover an ancient sin? This is not to say that some people do not suffer from gender identity disorders. If a person's "gender orientation" is not in line with one of the two human biological sexes, something has gone wrong, and this disorder shouldn't be a person's foremost and public identity as if it is normal. (Homosexuality was removed from the APA's list of disorders because of political pressure, not science.)

8. As for love and Christ-like compassion, it is certainly not loving or compassionate not to warn people when they are thinking and desiring and doing wrong and dangerous things. It is actually the epitome of Christlike to warn them even if they then hate you. Jesus said the world would hate people who followed him. He called out devils, identified hypocrites, and cleansed the temple, and was crucified for it. His gospel is not massage therapy but heart surgery.  He cares about our eternal welfare above all and we will miss out unless we change our hearts. The pure love of Christ is not about accepting whatever the current culture has decided is good; it's about valiantly standing for everlasting truth and righteousness because you love God and your fellow man, even if the virtuous, informed, and Christlike ideas you share are labeled "disgusting, naive, and unChristlike." 

Thanks to this anonymous commenter for bringing up these points that need correcting, however many times. God bless him!

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