Monday, November 30, 2015

As for Our House, The Miracle of Forgiveness Stays

In the last decade there has been a movement to get Spencer W. Kimball's book, The Miracle of Forgiveness removed from LDS bookstores or revised because of its scripturally-based view of homosexuality. They want it rewritten to reflect, what? Well, to match up with our sexually permissive culture. Of course that's not how the LDS progressives would phrase it. They call this outright revisionism, well, enlightenment. Let's get this straight. They are saying that past leaders have been totally wrong about this, that the scriptures are totally wrong about this, that all of human experience is totally wrong about this, that biological and medical facts are totally wrong about this. They are saying that they themselves, certain people who happen to be walking the earth today, can decide for the whole world, past, present, and future, that everybody has to completely reject God's timeless tried-and-true laws for human sexual desire and behavior.

We guess they gave up on revising the book. As of this writing, the beloved LDS gospel-centered classic The Miracle of Forgiveness is no longer available in print, but only in audio or e-book format. According to a manager at Deseret Book "the hard cover is out of print and paperback out of stock indefinitely." On Amazon it is only available used in paperback. So hold on to your copy! It is now considered obsolete by the powers that be, as are many priceless truths in this wicked world today. It makes one wonder when the scriptures will be out of print also.The scriptures say the same sorts of things as this book and are certainly out of fashion. Even supposedly religious people don't seem much inclined to applying the plain and precious truths of the gospel. Too harsh, they say. Now isn't that prophecy coming true? Good will be called evil and evil good. People will say all is well in Zion, yea, Zion prospereth and set aside as nothing the things of God.

A couple years ago a woman, who admits she never gave a previous thought to homosexuality and knows nothing about it, went to some lengths to discredit and remove this book on a nomorestrangers blog. Apparently, since she sought out some gay people socially and liked them, she decided everybody should revamp their ideas about sexual morality. Come again? People like this woman think sexual lusts and behaviors are like a person's ethnicity and that being unaccepting of homosexualism is like being a racist. No. Homosexualism is not like racism. A person's race was never an individual's mindset/behavior/sin. This is an example of brainwashing and pride and human emotions making you completely and utterly blind to reality and reason and facts and God. It's an example of merely looking on the surface and seeing only what you want to see.

For instance, why did this woman go to proud gay people to discern the truth about homosexualism? They are certainly going to be biased in favor of it. Why not also seek out ex-gay people or better yet, turn to God's word?

As a matter of fact, when we had this problem in our family, President Kimball's book was a great help. But these new homosexualists don't seem at all interested in humbly learning the truth from the Spirit of the Lord. And yes, people involved in homosexuality may look fine from what you see, but very bad stuff is going on in their heads and hearts and with their bodies.Sure, people can appear to be wholesome and they can do many good things that show outwardly. But they can most certainly be dong those good things for all the wrong reasons and behaving very badly in private.   

Honestly, has this woman never cracked a good book? Has she never heard of sin and deceit and evil? She doesn't know that Satan can appear as an angel of light? She doesn't know that it's human nature for people to cover up their sins? Does she really think her momentary shallow human judgment of people's souls is accurate or definitive? That's for God to judge, and He judges not on the outward appearance but on the heart. All people have some good and some bad. (Even serial killers brush their teeth.) The homosexuality part of these people is very bad. It harms themselves and others. 

Do these mushy people get that the embrace of homosexualism/sodomy opens the floodgates to the societal promotion of unlimited sexual behaviors? Why wouldn't it? They don't stop to realize that if truth and reality can change with the times, there are no boundaries, no laws.Views based merely on current popular opinion are arbitrary, open to change at any time. And why not? There's no science, there's no long-term human experience, there's no wisdom, there's no scripture supporting any sort of  normalcy or wholesomeness in homosexuality. In fact, those things are evidence of the opposite: that homosexuality is maladaptive and destructive. And please don't believe the red herring about the link between gay acceptance and suicidality. Gays who do themselves in have much worse problems than what others think of their sexual proclivities. For one, they deceive themselves. Homosexuality is a dark filthy pornographic world. It's a dead end.  Sin is pleasurable, but only for a time. That's what's so hopeless.

This sickening nomorestrangers thing concerning the book The Miracle of Forgiveness complete with its trail of self-congratulatory humanist comments is an illustration of  how people can come to think they know more than God and the accumulated wisdom of the ages. How morally superior they make themselves sound but how rebellious, prideful, and blind they are. It's the philosophies of men all tangled up with scripture. No such thing as sin and no need for repentance. Anti-Christ. Yes, they are following Satan. It's incredible how they don't care about the homosexual's soul. And how incredible that these "latter-day saints" avoid the fact that they are riding in the wake, using the momentum, reaping the emotional capital, created by the zeitgeist of our wicked times. Satan's ideas are where they get 100% of  their persuasiveness.Without the powerful and predatory gay movement's inroads these people wouldn't dare encourage homosexuality like they do. They would never have even thought of it.

All this is going to end very badly. We need to get the truth out. If given the chance there will be some who will choose God and goodness come what may. As Hugh Nibley said, the righteous are those who are repenting, the wicked are those who are not. No, we're not removing Miracle from our shelf. It remains in a place of honor and is often referred to because it highlights timeless truths that apply to us all. It contains the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ that is now being systematically rejected.Who knew a relatively few unrepentant homosexuals and the wholesale societal embrace of homosexualism would be such a significant means of causing the rejecting of Christ on such as grand scale? Of course this movement is born out of a selfish anti-Christ secularism that has been developing for a century or more.

12/7/15 Postscript: Church members are divided on this. Some have relatively recently decided to hate this book and some love it as they always have. It seems the former would rather go with the flow of the selfish wicked world today and the latter are choosing to be humble and steadfast in Christ. Interesting that this book was quoted in regards to homosexuality as recently as the 2006 Spencer W. Kimball manual distributed to and taught in all Relief Society and Priesthood classes. How quickly this evil has taken over in people's hearts!

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