Monday, July 7, 2014

Gay Training

Mark Twain said, "Training is everything. There is nothing training cannot do. Nothing is above its reach or below it. It can turn bad morals to good, good morals to bad; it can destroy principles, it can recreate them . . . "

We at SoL have repeatedly asserted that no one is born gay; it is an acquired taste. Gays are trained into gayness. People turn gay. Activists have done a great job of convincing most everybody that this is not true. But it is, and some have even admitted it. Still, the public sentiment has been won over, and hardly anyone cares or dares to look behind the curtain, even when the health and safety and sanity of their loved ones are at stake.

Again, no one is born gay. Proper healthy sexuality is gradually learned and developed, beginning innocently in adolescence and on into marriage, that is, unless something has interfered with the proper development. This is because sexual feelings are just sexual feelings--everybody has them--and they can get stimulated by anything, or even nothing. They can take a variety of wrong directions or focus on a variety of  unnatural, extreme or inappropriate subjects. Unfortunately, in recent years, the correct model for human sexuality has been degraded, muddied up, even replaced. We now have many other models,destructive and dangerous dead ends, that young people can choose from. Immature, foolish, hormonal, narcissistic, sex-addicted, and carefully trained by our permissive, gay-affirming culture, many are making the mistake of crediting the sexual feelings they experience when surrounding themselves with same-sex sexuality with a gay "identity."

For the purposes of this blog post, we've listed some of the highly effective steps we've seen young males take who have been through this process and now proudly declare themselves as gay, that is, following the gay model rather than the correct model. The following list is certainly not comprehensive, nor must the steps listed be followed in any particular order or in total.

Steps in gay training:
Think a lot about sex and the sexual feelings. Allow your emotions to follow those thoughts. Become obsessed with sex. Question your masculinity. Obsess over other males. Envy them. Seek out same-sex porn, gay internet chat rooms, etc. Think of your body as primarily a romantic/sexual object. Masturbate. Decide that since you weren't attracted to this or that girl, you must be gay. Decide that since same-sex sexual material, which is what you are looking at, turns you on, you are gay. Seek out gay affirming materials and groups. Trust that these new people in your life who share your obsession with sex and sexuality care about you as a person. Meet, make friends with, and hang out mostly with openly gay or gay-affirming people. Confide only  in those who encourage gayness. Talk about the gay culture and sex a lot. Make and enjoy lewd gay sexual innuendos, jokes, and stories. Go to where gays hang out. Go to gay pride events and parades. Let your thoughts ultimately dwell on sex, gay sex. Make lust a regular mental activity.  Leave your church or try to change it. Decide there is no sin in what you are thinking, feeling, and doing. Break covenants you have made with God. Go back on things you have promised or testified to others. Begin smoking and using alcohol/drugs. Lose weight. Become obsessed with your body, physical appearance, clothes, exercise, food, entertainment. Seek constant stimulation, sexual and otherwise. Buy into all the current stereotypes for homosexuality. If you fit any of the gay stereotypes, use them to validate your choices. Construct, nurture, exaggerate, and adopt gay stereotypes for yourself. Adjust your personality, your interests, and the way you spend your time to fit those stereotypes. Listen to and internalize what your liberal college professors tell you about sex and sexuality. Listen to and internalize what uninformed people you met recently say about your being gay. Recharacterize your past to fit the exciting feelings you find pleasure in now. Repeatedly play pornographic thoughts and images through your mind. Reject what your parents modeled and taught you. Change or abandon your former life goals. Become emboldened enough to flaunt your radical choices and phony new personality in front of people who have known you all your life. Use affectations, clothes and accessories, and language to present yourself  to others as gay. Fantasize. Pretend. Playact. Be quick to accuse those who know you best of hating and rejecting you as a person and kicking you out if they question your decisions, the radical changes in your beliefs and personality, and your bizarre and risky ideas, behaviors, and activities. Choose your exciting new friends over those who have raised and cared for you all your life. Allow older gays to initiate you in increasingly perverse, unnatural, and dangerous sexual behaviors. Have no qualms about changing or adding same-sex sex partners. Be shallow. Don't think things through. Use sex like a drug. Use drugs with sex. Blame others for the harm you are doing to yourself. Keep up with the gay affectations, stereotypes, and behaviors in order to convince yourself and others that you really are gay. Decide you are smarter and cleverer than those who have gone before and the older, more experienced people around you. Believe you are invincible. Delude yourself that you will always be young and attractive. Get a thrill out of endangering your health. Join gay-affirming groups. Brag about admiring, or being hit on by, other males. Buy all the lies excusing and promoting homosexuality. Become an activist for all things gay.  Cruise the gay hotspots. Try anything that might be exciting, rebellious, edgy, escapist. Take no thought for your future, here and hereafter. Care more about your self-absorbed current pleasures than your future posterity, in other words, despise posterity itself. Quit college. Settle for a teenager job or two when you are in your twenties and thirties. Mooch off your parents. Pick a new career that will enable you to promote homosexuality while making a lot of money. Spread homosexualism any way you can. Pretend your parents and other concerned family members are hating and hurting you when you know you are doing the hating and hurting. Decide your pleasures are more important than the harm you are causing to yourself and others.  

We have seen that a careful and concentrated adherence to even a few of these steps could turn anybody gay sooner or later. Guaranteed.

The good news? Just as there is a way in, there is a way out. See 

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