Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Since When

Since when did alcoholism become a genetic predisposition instead of what it is? (A vice.) Since when did illegal drug dealing become a profitable enterprise instead of what it is? ( A vice.) Since when did prostitution become "sex work" instead of what it is? ( A vice). Since when did pornography production become a multi-billion dollar industry  instead of what it is? (A vice.) Since when did porn addiction become something a person "suffers from" instead of what it is? (A vice.) Since when did homosexuality become a person's "identity" instead of what it is? (A vice.) Since when did pedophilia become "man-boy love" instead of what it is? ( A vice.) Since when did statutory rape become consensual sex instead of what it is? (A vice.) Since when did unlimited sexual freedom trump religious freedom in our courts instead of being condemned for what it is? (A vice.)

Another word for vice is sin. People participate in vices and sins because they get something out of them. They wouldn't do them unless they got an escape, a thrill, a fix, money, power, or other personal benefits. In other words, they are not "suffering from" these things; they are choosing to act out in them for specific reasons. Sin is pleasurable, for a time. Yes, some participants in these vices may suffer some pangs of guilt or frustration, but not enough to override the pleasure they get. And yes, many benefit from support and even professional help to break free of these vices and sins if they really want to. But unless they are certifiably mentally ill or possessed of a devil, they are accountable for their thoughts, desires, and acts. And they have to desire with all their hearts to give up their love of the sin, or they won't give it up.Often they have to hit bottom, as they say, before they'll begin repentance.

Sadly, the concepts of sin and vice are no longer used much at all. Instead, we're using soft and inoffensive words to describe them, words that shift responsibility from the individual to causes outside the person's control. Apparently, because human beings are not to be blamed,  we're all supposed to respect and even protect and celebrate the following: the inclination toward drunkenness, drug exploitation and abuse, the pornography industry, the use of  pornography, and the flaunting of perverse and harmful sexual inclinations. Since when?

When a culture ceases to call vice vice and sin sin, and instead uses language that excuses and shifts all the responsibility for sin onto something like fate, genes, environment, trends, or evolution, we've lost our hold on reality, on truth, and on God. Since when have all these damaging absurdities become accepted? Since our culture turned its back on human nature and experience. Since our culture began to care more about this life than the next. Since our culture got all wrapped up in itself. Since our culture tossed out God. History repeats itself yet again.

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