Friday, June 14, 2013

If Being Gay Isn't About Sex

Incredibly, it could be that some people don't actually realize that gayness is about sex. After all, 11-year-olds are coming out to celebrations and parents are identifying their 2-year-olds as gay. How can little children know anything about sex? It must just be who people are.

Wrong. It is about sex. Naughty sex. Fake sex. Gay sex. Harmful, disease-spreading, life-shortening gay sex. That's what it's really about. That's what the phony "identity" is based on and what the lifestyle encourages and leads to. Why don't people realize this?

They don't realize it because the gay movement has done a great job of disguising homosexuality. They have done this purposely and systematically, as recorded in black and white in numerous publications such as After the Ball and "The Overhauling of  Straight America." Through relentless political pressure on scientific, academic, government, and religious entities they have made a proclivity for homosexual sex a respectable ethnicity and homosexuals a victimized minority group deserving special treatment. They have fooled the public with trumped-up discrimination charges. They have distracted the public with hyped-up stereotypes: Men who really like clothes, music, acting, dancing, art, beauty are probably gay. Gays are smart, creative, glib, talented, sweet, kind. The formerly unspeakable vice known as homosexuality is now inextricably associated with rainbows, goodness, Broadway musicals, high IQ, civil rights, equality, morality, philanthropy, love, children, marriage, even Jesus Christ.

It's a huge deception.

Some people fool themselves into thinking being gay isn't about sex. Yes, church leaders adn administrators have voiced this view. Really? Well, if being gay is not about perverse sexuality, if it's just about some people's harmless talents, interests, mannerisms, and platonic same-sex affections, why is everybody making such a big deal about it then? It's nothing! People have all sorts of different interests and traits and talents. Lots of people get teased and bullied. Some are excluded for all sorts of reasons, bad and good. So why is so much changing because of it? Why does gayness get to be its own huge powerful political issue? Why all the controversy if gayness is so ordinary and innocuous? Why is so much money behind it? Why all the law suits? Why all the policy changes? Why all the legislation about so-called discrimination and hate? Why the demand for so-called same-sex marriage, since marriage is understood to include sexual relations? Why the legitimization of  gay parenting/families? Again, why are some people's harmless personality traits and interests and attractions suddenly a reason to create a specially-privileged political minority group that is causing chaos in every aspect of our society and culture, including trumping other people's constitutional right to live their religious convictions?

The reason is, gayness is not about harmless personality traits and interests. It's not about including people who are different, it's about embracing something different, something bad. The whole movement is about promoting Godlessness by way of promoting unlimited sex and sexuality. Activists have deceptively and cleverly targeted, intimidated, infiltrated, degraded, and attacked every established institution you can think of---education, business, entertainment, marriage, family, church, boy and girl scouts, government---to force further legitimization and acceptance of  homosexual sex. Lots of people see how evil this is, and so we have a huge conflict. The conflict concerns God and goodness versus man and wickedness. The two worldviews, God and Godlessness, cannot freely co-exist. That's why gayness is so extremely controversial. It's the anti-God deviant sexual component. Sadly, many who join this parade are mere pawns: damaged, vulnerable, indoctrinated, deceived, prideful, vain, foolish, immature, young. They need to be warned of the dangerous and iniquitous nature of this oversexed perverse mindset and lifestyle because no matter how innocently it begins, it will rapidly degrade into depravity. Increasingly, for their own self-serving reasons, leaders and parents and friends are not warning young people who are being drawn into homosexuality and the like. Thus it has become a case of the blind leading the blind.

Don't be fooled. The embrace of all forms of limitless sexuality including homosexuality as normal, healthy, and harmless is a very big deal, for children, for individuals, for families, for churches, for society, for freedom, for health and safety and order, for posterity, and for our immortal souls. It is a symptom of deep moral and spiritual blindness and rebellion against nature and against God.    


Lyle said...

I truly appreciate your words of warning about the radical homosexual agenda. I recall a comment from the ADF stating that this agenda is THE greatest threat against religios liberty today.

After all I've seen and studied, I fully agree.

Diane Kunkel said...

As always, I am so grateful for your voice of reason, truth, and clarity, as I read your 6/14/13 blog entry, "If Being Gay Isn't About Sex". I wish everyone in the whole world could read this and really see what's happening. Everything that was said there makes so much sense. Why don't people see it?! Why would anyone support a friend or loved one who is stopping his/her eternal progression by choosing this life of homosexuality? It seems like they would be doing everything they could to get that person on the strait and narrow path leading to eternal life!