Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dear Kyle

Dear Kyle,
Thank you for reading our blog. We appreciate your lengthy response and totally understand your point of view. We believe that, growing up in this Godless, sexually-permissive society, you may not be having a fair test (as Hugh Nibley's said). Even so, here are some pointers. 

We did not make up our point of view. It is God's.

The scriptures clearly outline God's rules.

God's rules can be very hard to follow.

We all choose whether to love and obey God or something else.

Sin is pleasurable . . . for a time.

Everything a person knows about sex and sexuality is taught and learned.

Young people today are bombarded with wrong ideas about sex and sexuality.

Young people today are internalizing very wrong notions.

Sexual feelings are just feelings and can go in all sorts of bad directions.

It may not feel like we choose bad thought patterns but we do.

Young people today are being taught to sexualize a natural fondness for, or envy of, those of the same sex.

All mentally healthy people can change their minds and feelings if they want to.

If it's difficult they can get professional help if they want to. 

Homosexuality is maladaptive. It harms people.

Sex and love are privileges, not rights.  

Good people get married primarily to make a family, not for "overwhelming," "invigorating,"  and "fulfilling"  sexual intimacy.

The best marriages are based on selflessness, humility, and forgiveness (i.e. Christ). Not sex.

Good married people keep all their sexual feelings directed to their spouse alone; they don't think of themselves as "opposite-sex attracted" in the sense you seem to indicate. There seems to be no such limit to same-sex attraction. 

Gayness exhibits unrealistic romantic expectations and unhealthy preoccupation with sex and sexuality.

Kyle, having given you this knowledge, of course we still have no way of knowing how much damage has been done and whether or not you are having a fair test. Only God can judge. But we're offering you something to think about if you desire.

All best wishes and Lord bless.

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