Monday, April 29, 2019

Gay BYU Valedictorian Proudly Comes Out to Great Applause

When has a person's personal, private sexual attractions and desires, normal or perverse, ever been part of his or her college valedictorian speech at BYU? Never. Until now. On April 26, 2019, the valedictorian of the political science department/school of family, home, and social sciences ---the most liberal, leftist college in the university---was chosen to deliver the address in the Marriot Center, which address was reviewed and signed off in advance, and which included these remarks:

"I stand before my family, friends, and graduating class today to say that I am proud to be a gay son of God. I am not broken. I am loved and important to the plan of our great creator.  Each of us are." [Smiled and paused waiting for applause and cheering and whistling to die down.] "Four years ago it would have been impossible for me to imagine that I would come out to my entire college. It is a phenomenal feeling. And it is a victory in and of itself."  In an interview with the Washington Post he expresses the hope that "my country, my faith, and my community will follow in a similar fashion," which is to "be different or not fit the norm." 

A victory? Over what or whom? All we can think of is God. He is declaring a victory over God.  Which includes victory over decency, health, truth, wholesomeness, righteousness, biology, law, goodness, justice, reality, and Christ. There is nothing pure here. Congratulations.

The norm? Does he mean the norm as in the birds and the bees? Because if his country, faith, and community decides to reject normal human sexuality, we won't have any more country, faith, or community. There is nothing even human here. Again, congratulations.

Why would anybody in their right mind want to applaud for such a victory, or such a thumbing one's nose at normalcy, as in reality and emotional and mental health? Why does such a person deserve any credit for simply going along with the popular trends of the wicked times we're living in, which trends are actually as old as mankind? Why does he deserve praise and applause for identifying himself with his current lusts? These lusts have no doubt been suggested by oversexed environmental influences, fueled by same sex internet pornography, encouraged by gay chat rooms, inflamed by masturbation, exacerbated by self-absorption and entitlement, cemented by secret sexual communications and meetings with older men, emboldened and informed by homosex activists and recruiters, and supported by family, friends, teachers, school, and now church.

This narcissism, ignorance, and reckless youthful presumption is the result of higher education? Was he even introduced to any timeless wisdom and knowledge with that university 4.0? Sounds like he just got indoctrinated and emboldened and became a sex activist, which is happening at almost every college and university in America today. Many kids are entering college straight and coming home gay and/or homosexualist. Is anybody making the connection? Of course this indoctrinated young man will enter the field of public discourse with his political science/writing degree. This is the type of occupation they tend to end up doing. As he said, he gained confidence to open up to his parents, as well as friends, by counseling with faculty advisors who supported him emotionally as well as academically. What does a person's sexuality have to do with a college education? Did some of those faculty advisors also initiate him into homosex? That's how it happens. Older men initiate younger men in secret.

Why should we applaud homsexualism when, relatively speaking, just five seconds ago it was universally abhorred? Why should we applaud homosexualism when it has proved to be inordinately and outrageously promiscuous, risky, even deadly? Why should we applaud homosexualism when the scriptures plainly condemn it? Why are we suddenly supposed to love, encourage, and celebrate this formerly unspeakable identity and lifestyle? We know why. It's because these "progressives" love the world more than God. They love themselves/human beings (code word: authenticity, or the natural man) more than God. They love their own or others' lusts more than God. They think they are smarter than God. They have made a false god over in their own image that fits their worldview and their current passions. 

There is nothing new or mysterious or enlightened about how these increasingly worldly Mormon people have jumped on the sexual liberation band wagon. They are just following along with the very wicked old world, and fooling themselves into thinking they are more righteous than anybody who ever lived, including God. Please note that there is no sin, no law, no punishment, no repentance, and no Christ in this gay-is-great worldview. And when we get hate mail about this post, none of these haters will deny any of our points. They will only attack us personally.

Interesting that this momentous event was not reported in the Church-owned Deseret News or KSL-TV and radio.  There will only be more and more of these glorified comings-out in church venues of all descriptions, which will apparently be pretty much winked at/ignored by the administration.

When did anybody ever whistle and cheer and applaud for a young man who inappropriately and proudly announces to a captive audience of 10,000 people that he is a heterosexual, God's straight son? Maybe, science fiction-like, that will happen at some future time when all of this nonsense has played out, humankind is dying out for this and other reasons, and such courageous young men are its only hope.

Many are hoping the Lord will come sooner than later.

Note 5/5/2019: We have since heard that this individual has been "out" for some time, in case you had the idea this was news, and has a same-sex partner or two. In other words, he is an experienced homosexual. Correct us if we heard wrong.

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