Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Homosexuality Welcome, Family Values Not So Much

So, we're told officially that homosexuality is now welcome in our congregations. Forget the Boy Scouts---it's everywhere now.

Big problem.

Well, there are many problems and potential dangers regarding this development, but here's one problem that has already affected people like us. If homosexuality is now welcome in our midst, anything anti-homosexuality must be unwelcome. Yes, it's true. To borrow from the late Robert Bork, these two opposite worldviews (sexual immorality vs. sexual morality) cannot peacefully co-exist. One worldview will be preferred (showcased, taught, encouraged, praised) and the other harmed (de-emphasized, ignored, shunned, punished).

Note: If you are one who insists that Mormon gays are or can be sexually pure, please note that here at SoL we make no distinction between openly claiming the homosexual identity, homosexual sex acts, and everything in between. All are pro-gay acts. All are endorsements for the behavior. All are sinful. Just ask any honest gay, Mormon or otherwise.

In the not-so-distance past sexual morality was preferred (showcased, taught, encouraged, praised) in the church. There has been a decided shift. In the last fifteen years or so many things have been done and said, and not done and not said, and done and not undone, and said and not unsaid, that indicate what worldview is now to be preferred, and it isn't the conservative family values/scriptural/gospel worldview. We could write a book about the insidious flaxen cords that have been woven around people's necks that have led to the present state. Today in the church some of the big sexual-related sins have been softened to the point of making excuses, turning a blind eye, acceptance, and even embrace: abortion, pornography, masturbation, heterosexual lust, homosexual lust, homosexuality in general, transgenderism. Apparently, throwing Young Women baby showers for unwed teens was only the beginning.     

Yes, we could write a book about the shift toward sexual immorality in our church culture in general. But right here we'll show on a personal level how the sexual morality worldview is now being de-emphasized, ignored, shunned, and punished, and how the leftist sexual immorality worldview is being showcased, taught, encouraged, and praised. Here are some off the top of our heads.

Janice was uninvited to speak, after being asked to speak at a monthly ward elderly ladies' luncheon, because she was going to talk about her gently-worded children's book, Me Tarzan, You Jane (the truth about male and female, romantic feelings, and marriage, pretty much the Family Proclamation).

Visiting teachers lectured Janice in our living room on the fine art of lesbian parenting and acceptance of premarital sex.

In classes at church our comments testifying of the sinfulness of human nature, of Christ as our Redeemer, of the spiritual nature of the scriptures, and other basic truths are often ignored, explained away, and even mocked.

A member of our stake presidency blasted us with, "I would never tell my lesbian sister that she was doing something wrong!"

A bishop told us our eternal salvation was at stake if we didn't attend our ward even if homosexualism was being freely preached from the pulpit. (As seen on facebook, several well-known people in our ward are outspoken supporters of gay marriage, and who knows what else, so we are sure it will happen sooner or later.)

We were instructed by high-ups not to hold a tiny rally in a public park near BYU highlighting the Family Proclamation near a big LDS pro-gay rally going on.

We were interviewed and videoed -- but our family's story about overcoming homosexuality was cancelled before it even got to the TV News station.

Our gospel-centered, highly endorsed book, My Darling From the Lions, testifying of repentance and change---accepted by Deseret Book because of the coming news story---subsequently denied us proffered advertising options (to be paid for by us) and took our book off the shelves at Deseret Book; even people who asked for it were turned away. We guess they threw our books in the dumpster out back.

Our son's book, Captain of My Soul, endorsed by LDS experts, was summarily rejected by Deseret Book. As far as we know D.B. publishes and now sells only gay-affirming books, even though Sheri Dew wrote in a letter to us many years ago that they would be producing books showing other views.
It hasn't happened.

And there are plenty more, too painful to share. 

Please note that these are only our own personal stories. There are many, many people who have common sense, who uphold and strive to keep God's laws for sexual purity, who actually believe in the scriptures, who know that homosexuality is sinful and disgusting and dangerous. So multiply instances like the above by thousands. And the way things are going, it's only going to get worse.

We don't know what all the fuss is coming from the gay-affirming Mormons. They are welcome! People like us are not! Our advice to them is to just keep not telling what gays actually think about or do sexually. Keep all the mental and emotional illness and child sexual abuse and drug abuse and pornography and violence hidden. Apparently nobody much cares anyway. It's only the appearance of things that seem to matter. What gays need to do is just continue to appear to be put-upon and/or churchy and you'll probably get what you want, here on earth anyway. But you won't be satisfied, even then. This is how evil works. It never stops. But of course we hope you stop. We pray you will be brought to repentance and turn back to God, for your own sakes and for the sakes of those around you.

You think the church is still anti-gay? Think again. Let's remember that perception has a great influence, no matter what is actually officially written or said. It is for several reasons, intimidation and misinformation being a few, that perception of homosexuality within the church has shifted. When once a person would be excommunicated or disciplined or admonished or swept under the rug for shameful homosexuality, now open gays are welcomed, no questions asked, or not very many. What an about-face!

When was the last time you heard of a Mormon gay being disfellowshipped? Apparently they don't even get their temple recommends revoked. Most just quit coming to church. But of course we're supposed to want them in church, that is, with zero talk of warning or discipline or repentance going on. Come on in. Bring your lusts. Bring your same-sex sex partner; why not? Introduce yourselves around. Partake of the sacrament. Make comments in class. We'll give you a position. We welcome you one and all.

Really? Here's what the scripture says: "And those that would not confess their sins and repent of their iniquity, the same were not numbered among the people of the church, and their names were blotted out." Mosiah 26:36. Scripture goes on to say that unrepentant sinners must not be welcomed into the church because the unrepentant will lead the people of the church into sin. This means that unrepentant sinners, for example, proud, out, unrepentant self-identifying gays, must not be welcomed into the church, whatever that looks like. Well, not anymore. We steadfast family-values types are the ones being marginalized now.The way things are playing out is proof that they are winning, which makes us the losers.

Imagine what influence a popular openly gay person, encouraged and supported in a local congregation, perhaps teaching and leading and traveling and camping---with vulnerable youth--can have. It doesn't matter if they act out in more graphic ways in private or not. The acceptance of open gayness represents the normalization and legitimization and advocacy of homosexual behaviors.

And let's not forget that open homosexuality compromises all sex-segregated places and gatherings in the church. Welcomed openly same-sex attracted individuals will be using bathrooms,showers,  locker rooms, dorm rooms, missionary accommodations, etc. that apply to their biological sex. Straight persons will have to do private things in the presence or close proximity of others who publicly claim to be sexually attracted to their same sex. So much for propriety, modesty, and feeling safe in those places. These places have now lost the primary reason they exist. These places are meant for straight people, divided by sex, male and female. They cannot decently also accommodate gay people, whether there is one gay or two or they are all gay. Gays shouldn't share these types of accommodations with anybody, straight or gay.  If you want to get technical, the gay man should use the women's bathroom, and vice versa. And that wouldn't be right either. Truth be told, women don't want men of any stripe in their private spaces, and men don't want women in their spaces either. And any parent that wouldn't want their young son to have to urinate in front of a female would certainly not want him to have to urinate next to homosexual man.

No, it doesn't much matter what any handbook says because we're told that member homosexuality issues will be left up to local leaders' discretion.  Here we see that there are no absolutes then, no real right and wrong, no real evil, no real good. Each local leader, however uneducated or misled or intimidated on this issue, can deal with homosex (and pornography and every other sexual sin) however he wants. Maybe some bishops will call the gay person into their office and ask if he's involved in anything immoral (which of course he is), and maybe the gay person will lie or become offended and the bishop intimidated. Maybe some bishops won't call them in or ask them anything. There are so many variables. But chances are, when it comes to homosexuality especially, local leaders will take the welcoming instruction and run with it, so as to avoid any unpleasantness, so as to look "good, enlightened, compassionate,"so as to support leaders, so as to get along with the world, so as to avoid any law suit.

But we know this: "With encouragement and recognition comes escalation" (CSI Cyber, 2015). We already have leaders who are homosexualists and open gays serving in important callings. It won't be long before, or more probably the time is now arrived, that a bishop, stake president, and on up, may be an open homosexual himself, even if married to a woman in the temple. Yes, they call it mixed-orientation marriage. It just has to be believed or assumed that they are not acting out. But of course they are. Same-sex attraction has to be fed, by fantasizing and lusting and pornography and associations, or it goes away. Let's remember that decent people keep their sexual attractions limited to their spouse. (And that's not the same as noticing beauty or attractiveness in a nonsexual, unselfish, impersonal way, the same way people truly appreciate fine art. Lust is a different thing entirely, a lewd, out-of-bounds, sexual response.) And of course theses gays would be homosexualists too, seeking to push acceptance of homosexual behaviors in all their varieties on everyone, or they wouldn't make it public.

"As a practical matter, being an open homosexual is indistinguishable from proclaiming a belief that homosexual acts are morally innocent. After all, if one accepted the traditional view that such acts are morally impermissible, one would ordinarily keep one’s inclination to them to oneself." (Emphasis ours.)
--Carson Holloway, "The Boy Scouts' Doomed Compromise."

Open homosexuals and homosexualists do not condemn any gay behaviors. They never talk about chastity. Have you ever heard them do so?

And how about transgenders? This is on the gay list, the LGBTQI list. Gay-affirming Mormons include everybody in the alternative sexuality alphabet soup. Trangenders usually seem to be homosexual, meaning attracted to their same biological sex, so in reality they are same-sex attracted. They are supposed to be welcome, too. Prepare for male and female imposters, in all varieties of cross-dressing/sex hormone additives/manipulating surgeries, infiltrating not only our general  meetings but every sex-segregated venue and activity and program of the church:  Missions, Priesthood meetings, Relief Society, Young Men, Young Women, Achievement Days, Cub and Boy Scouts, camping trips, youth conferences, church school dorms, church school sports; chapel, temple, seminary etc. changing rooms, locker rooms, rest rooms, and ordinance rooms.

These people are all about pushing some really sad and nasty stuff, all of it, and they are supposed to be welcome in our churches, no questions asked. Wow. And those of us who know it's all wrong are supposed to go along with our mouths shut. We have been told we are "incorrect and unkind."

Yes, Mormon gays are increasingly labeled and perceived as victimized, wholesome, harmless, special and wonderful, even spiritual, and, don't forget, welcome. Conservative Mormons are increasingly labeled and  perceived as right-wing fringe, going inactive, unChristlike, hateful, dangerous, and, don't forget, unwelcome. These perceptions are winning the day, in the world and in the church. (If you don't believe us call the church office building and ask somebody's secretary about homosexuality being welcomed into the church. You will be referred to the security department posthaste and maybe even threatened with legal action---yes, for a sincere, civil telephone call.)

We don't think all members are conscious of this shift. They just do as their leaders sort of . . . kind of . . . seem to be doing . . . because of some of the things they do and say . . . that look and sound pretty much like homosexuality is . . . they guess . . . supposed to be particularly welcomed. Amid such uncertainties and contradictions, humans tend to take the easy route, the path of least resistance, the worldly way. They love to be flattered and assured, they love to feel relevant and important, they love to be told that all is well in Zion. Have they forgotten this scripture?

"And others will he [the devil] pacify, and lull them away into carnal security, that they will say: All is well in Zion; yea, Zion prospereth, all is well---and thus the devil cheateth their souls, ,and leadeth them away carefully down to hell." 1 Nephi 28:21 Sure haven't heard this scripture lately.

Here at SoL we obey God, not human beings. We believe in God's unchanging standards. We are not  blown about by every wind of doctrine. We rely on Christ for our salvation, not an evolving institution.

So what do those of us who actually believe in Christ and the scriptures and good and evil and sin and all those true but highly unwelcome beliefs do as our church continues to move left? We certainly can't run our families that way. And yet the true doctrines are still there., We at SoL are done raising our children so it is pretty easy for us to put some distance between us and what is going on. But we feel especially sorry for younger parents of growing families who can see the way the wind is blowing and must somehow maneuver their children through these spiritual land mines.

We do know this. This life is not a dress rehearsal. We are choosing life or death in very real spiritual ways. There are eternal principles in play. People everywhere, in high places and low, are exercising their God-given agency, making their choices, deciding their loyalties, worshiping their chosen gods.

As for us, our personal spirituality and testimonies of Christ have been much strengthened because of all that is happening. Our faith has become our way of life, rather than a set of institutionalized efforts and performances. We think and talk about the Lord everyday. We apply the scriptures to our daily lives and everything occurring. We continually repent. We love God first. We pray more and pray better. We pray for our church and churches everywhere. We wish the eternal best, God's greatest spiritual gifts, for everyone, including those who no longer welcome us, those who actually hate us, and everyone in between. We seek the Spirit for truth and guidance. Come what may, we put our trust in the Lord. It's a beautiful life. God's is a terribly lovely Plan.

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