Friday, October 21, 2016

To Stand for Good You Must Fight Against Evil

Let's review in a nutshell how the culture war has gone in the past few decades. Let's take an objective look. What are the tactics of those on the right side? What have been the outcomes?

Although there are many battles in this war, we'll name just a few of the most public and controversial.

We'll start with the issue of legalized abortion. What is the tactic people have used to try to fight it? They have called their movement "pro-life" (in response to pro-choice). Sounds good. Sounds positive. Doesn't directly attack and confront anybody else's views. But what has happened? In four and a half decades sixty million unborn babies have been destroyed, sanctioned by the state. Even though technology has shown that human fetuses have fingers and toes and beating hearts very early on, and even feel pain and suck their thumbs, abortions and abortion practices have continued in numbers and increased in barbarity. Even half-born full-term babies are being brutally murdered. Even when the publicly funded abortion mill Planned Parenthood was dramatically and unequivocally exposed as an illegal human baby parts selling business, the practice is accepted and advanced; only the exposers of the truth are vilified. So how did the positive pro-life tactic work? It didn't. It hasn't. Even with the trucks and billboards showing piles of tiny, bloody, dismembered human beings, it hasn't worked, perhaps because it is too little, too late. People have hardened their selfish hearts so far that they can turn a blind eye to these barbarous inhumane realities.

How about the issue of gay marriage? Conservative, family-values people took the tactic of standing for traditional marriage and family. It was supposed to be so wholesome and inoffensive. How could anybody argue with a pro-marriage stance? Well, they did. Homosexualists, in case you haven't noticed, are very very sensitive to opposition. Anything not celebrating sexual liberation is the enemy. So how did that play out? We lost, and we lost big. On the national scale, in every entity of social interaction, in families, in churches, in schools, in entertainment, in workplaces, in government, in courts, homosexual behavior has not only been given the green light but given special respect and importance. 

We took the standing for something tactic and we lost. We lost the pro-life battle. We lost the marriage battle. We lost spectacularly. Now we see religious freedom being attacked. As a result we see religious freedom being defended, at least here and there.  Again, we've been ambushed and are  forced on the defensive. Conservatives say: okay then, do whatever you want, but at least let us live and work and speak and teach our children according to our conscience. How is that working? Who is winning? They are. Apparently, in this day and age, the way things are, individual sexual freedom is trumping people's deeply-held religious beliefs. (Richard Wilkins predicted this would be the case 20 years ago.) It's a case of: "everybody's ideas and behaviors have to be respected, oh, except anything or anyone having to do with God's rules for sexual morality." It's a case of we're right and you're a bigot who deserves to be silenced and punished. Now that is tyranny over the mind of man, as Thomas Jefferson put it, which he swore eternal hostility against. Oppressing true religion is evil. (We say true religion because there are plenty of false and violent and destructive sects and cults that clothe themselves as religion which we should oppose and certainly give zero respect to.) Interestingly, some organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America and many churches are forfeiting some measure of their religious freedom already without any outside coercion, perhaps to avoid potential repercussions. One example is the acceptance of homosexuality.

Obviously, just being for something good hasn't worked. Who ever won a battle against evil by going into a safe little corner? Who ever won a battle without knowing and facing and fighting an organized, united, vicious, attacking enemy head on? Granted, there are strategies that must be considered and utilized. Anyone who has read The Art of War knows that. We're saying that the above strategies, although many groups of sincere people worked very hard and continue to work hard,were not and are not winning strategies at all but merely weak reactive and defensive measures. In the end, you can't even hold your ground that way. Such an enemy will totally overrun you.

We submit that closing our eyes, ears, and mouths to evil, like the three monkeys, and merely promoting a good thing is not enough and accomplishes nothing in a war such as we have here. Failing to stop evil leads to more evil. And by being distracted from or avoiding the fact that real evil exists and increases, we have failed to stop it.We must unite to fight Evil with a capital E, for the sake of human posterity and for the love of God. We must shake off the cowardly shackles of political correctness and speak, stand, write, fight AGAINST these evils. And we'll be standing for the good in the process.

One example of fighting directly against something and winning is the STOP ERA movement (1972-1982) formed by recently deceased Phyllis Schlafly. She was successful because she pointed out the negative impact the ERA would have had on women and the entire country. But sad to say, public sentiment has more sway than politics or laws and, well, just look at how everything is going. Rising generations are no better off, people don't believe in God, sexual boundaries have eroded, marriage is degraded, abortions continue, and women are angry--for no particular or real reason.

There are many more evils, but as per this article, it comes down to this:

Men and women are different in important ways.

The abortion practice is evil.

Sex is serious. If it is misused it hurts people.

Homosexual behavior is evil and harmful.

Oppressing true religion is tyranny.

It's a cold cold insidious war, a war for the hearts of men. If we do not specifically fight against the devil and his evils, evil will claim us. If we are to be effective soldiers, that must be our open-eyed, open-eared, free-speaking, unflinching, essential belief. We aren't true Christians unless we believe there is evil that must be opposed.

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