Monday, October 24, 2016

Cover Girl Boy? Or Clown?

Happy Halloween. Cover Girl Magazine has selected a 17-year-old male blogger with a large following to feature on an upcoming issue cover. Yes, a boy on the cover of Cover Girl. How's that for nonsense? He says he isn't a "transgender."Apparently being homosexual is old news, as is the bizarre idea that a person wants to be the opposite sex than their body indicates. You just have to be male and like to wear make-up to make waves. It's art, he says. Okay, but it's too bad he has to use his own face as his canvas. (We suggest that this young man may be more in love with fame than make-up/art.)

To most women, make-up is pretty much an annoying but  necessary evil. Yes, news flash, make-up loving boys, women don't love to have to wear the sticky stuff! They use every excuse to avoid it. Haven't you heard them complain? Oh no, I forgot  my lipstick! Oh no, how will I have time to put on my face? Oh no, I can't be seen like this--where are my sunglasses? Boys don't know how lucky they are.

Granted, there have been times when men wore wigs and make-up and ruffles in polite society. But were they rebelling? Trying to make a name for themselves? Was it art? Was it sexual? No, it was just the silly fashion, and important male and female differences were strongly upheld.

Man, how does a mere teenager get into something so obsessively kinky? How does he allow himself to be led by the nose-ring? And how does an entire people develop an appetite for it?

Let's be clear. This guy is not trying to pass for a girl. He is obviously a boy wearing make-up. And that's the point that is being made. Boys can wear make-up. They don't say why. To get attention? To look, what--- pretty, like a woman? Is it just plain vanity? Perhaps all of the above, plus rebelliousness and most probably sexuality gone awry. Without God all things are permitted. But what is it about this gimmick being encouraged by huge corporations? Shall we follow the money? We think so. Here we have an entirely new market for newly labeled but same-old products. Big bucks. GQ magazine is on board too. "It's about time," they say. Think of the new advertising GQ can sell. And maybe Cover Girl will amass enough interest and advertisers to start Cover Boy, or whatever, all the while laughing up their jewel-studded leather sleeves.

As for the persona of this individual, we don't know a single woman who acts as effeminate as this boy acts. We only know clowns who act that silly. In other words this person is a clown. An effeminate clown. He is putting on a show. That's how desperate he is. It is not real life. And this type of thing is what is scintillating, brilliant, glossy, and worthy of fame and fortune in our world today. This is how you get famous these days. Be a boy who spends hours and hours doing girly things to get attention. Perhaps this says a lot about our oversexed, entertainment-glutted, voyeuristic, indulged, and bored young people today. It's positively creepy.

Is this a harmless modern trend? We don't think so. The fifth century B. C. historian Herodotus wrote of the Lydians. They were a conquered people in Greece. Their Persian conquerors knew, after they took away their arms, how to keep the Lydians under submission. They put the boys in girls' clothes and doing feminine occupations, in other words they did their best to turn the men into women so there would be "no danger of their rebelling." And here we have Americans doing that very thing voluntarily! And it's celebrated! It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that effeminate people are more easily coerced and enslaved than no-nonsense sane people, be they male or female!

We remind our readers: boys must learn masculinity. It has to be taught and modeled. Otherwise, they'll learn something else. It's easy to see what this boy learned from our culture today and what Cover Girl is bent on teaching.

And how about the individual himself? We believe it to be shameful and cruel, and grossly immoral, to exploit this young person to make money. His phoniness, vanity, and affectedness are off the charts. He is a clown putting on a show who isn't being treated like a clown putting on a show, rather as a serious person worthy of respect and emulation in the real business of living. How's that for deceit? What kind of future does such a person have? He won't be a silly17-year-old cross-dresser forever. He'll probably move on to much more nefarious activities, heaven forbid.

And before all the hate mail from the homosexual community starts pouring in, let's remember we're just talking here about a boy who likes to wear make-up, Halloween style. Nothing sexual here apparently. Still, if we at SoL express our belief that it's a bad idea for boys to do such a girly thing as wear make-up, we will be called bigots. Go figure. 

Sad to say, one can't help surmising that this young person is already part and parcel of the seamy and perverse sexual liberation subculture, beginning with pornography. You cannot get into cross-dressing and the like without the aid of porn. In fact, this shocking and perverse magazine cover is a form of pornography. What's next? You can bet there are people on the look-out for the next money-making sensation.

No one seems to care that a young person has been exposed to every sort of perverse ugliness. Be that as it may, this poor, exploited, delusional young man is setting himself up to be abused sexually. He, and those supporting him, have made him a sitting duck for predators and to become a predator himself.

What we have here is just another little jab into the eye of reality, order, and God. By way of  exploiting youth.

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