Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's HERE! Upcoming Conference on The Whole Truth About Homosexuality!

Mark you calendars! Register! Space is limited! On October 26, 2015 a coalition of like-minded groups are putting on a conference called Standing for Truth, Understanding Homosexuality, The Politically Incorrect Truth,  featuring national experts, ecclesiastical leaders, scientists, doctors, and ex-homosexuals. Yes! It's Utah's first conference of this kind. For more info go to libertylineup.com/events. This will be live-streamed also and be available on video for a nominal fee.

Because the unprecedented  normalization of homosexuality comes with great costs---to the individual, to his cut-off posterity, to youth and to children, to freedom, to churches, to all of society---we are obligated to make public all aspects of this topic that have been concealed. Avoiding or silencing for whatever reasons any part of homosexualism is grossly irresponsible, irreligious, and inhumane. Hence, this conference.

 "Homosexual acts should be discussed with an open mind with a view to making a distinction between what is normal and abnormal, right and wrong, what fulfills our sexual nature and what frustrates it" (Roger Scruton). This brilliant statement holds true for every aspect of homosexualism---the activism, the mindset, the pornography, the promiscuity, the addictions, the health risks, the pro-gay environment, the threat to free speech and religious liberty, holy scripture, science, government, education. All of it needs to be brought to light for the sake of the innocent and vulnerable, those experiencing SSA, those trapped in the gay lifestyle, human posterity, and all of society. 
Here's an example of one aspect of the kind of information that will be presented at the conference. This is not an isolated case. It should break your heart.

First a little background info. The following is a portion of a transcript from a session at a Sunstone Symposium, July 30, 2005, sponsored by an unofficial fringe group of LDS and ex-LDS. What you are going to read is a comment from an unnamed audience member made at the end of a panel discussion at the Symposium. You’ll need to know that the discussion concerned a pamphlet available on the Internet called “For the Strength of Gay Youth” the author’s answer to the LDS Church’s well-known youth guidance publication “For the Strength of Youth.” No, “For the Strength of Gay Youth” is not a joke. It won an award from the LDS gay community. All four panelists gave great glowing endorsements of it as a well-written, wonderful, helpful guide for “gay kids” age 12 and up. Here is a transcript of the reaction of one unnamed honest man. Steve was there at the symposium when an honest young man walked up to the front of the room at the end of the pro-gay discussion and said the following:

“I’m kinda nervous . . . I’ll start with the disclosure that I’m a same-gender attracted male who, 32-year-old, who did the whole coming out, embracing my sexuality, and now I”ve gone back to church and feel that’s where I belong and where I found most of my happiness and true strength as an individual. My main concern about this article [“For the Strength of Gay Youth”] as I read it was I felt I could get the same message from MTV. And I felt lied to as an individual about homosexuality, about gayness, about what it really entails. It doesn’t fairly warn [about] the dangers of the sexuality part for one thing. For me that’s something I’m struggling with immensely. I thought that it [homosexuality] was all about my feelings but the sexuality is such a strong part of it. And right now I’m addicted to sex, . . it’s like . . it’s, well I mean, it’s not the only thing I’m addicted to. I feel that The Strength of Youth pamphlet [“For the Strength of Youth” put out by the LDS Church] was given as a strong firm guideline to protect us against these type of things. And for the Strength of the Gay thing . . . it just kind of says well, do what feels good, which is what I feel was my downfall. Doing what felt good, or what felt going by my own instincts, led me into a darker and deeper hell that I’m right now still struggling to get out of . . . I really think it needs stronger, firmer warnings about the dangers of the gay community, the gay lifestyle, things that I wasn’t prepared for. You know sexuality is not something to be experimented with. It needs to be kept, you know, closely under grips until one is ready and I don’t know that any homosexual man is ever ready. . . It doesn’t really talk about the relationship part of it. With me, I found that the relationships were never fulfilling, my homosexual relationships. I could not understand why I had this beautiful, wonderful companion, this man that I was dating whom I loved dearly but yet I was cheating on him and I was always looking for something more, something that was not fulfilled. And my personal belief is, that’s because the foundations of my sexuality were not healthy. The very fact that I do not feel fulfilled and defined as a man, as an individual, was the basis of my sexuality. And so those are some of my concerns that this [booklet] does not address from one who feels that now that I’ve found much more light and happiness which I had lost and misplaced when I entered this whole gay lifestyle and when I embraced my homosexuality. That’s all I have to say. Thanks.” 

You need to hear this again in this young man's voice. Click here to hear the actual audio recording of this man's statement.

Lies. Dangers. No warning. Lost light. Misplaced happiness. Downfall. Unhealthy. Unfulfilled. Addictions. Darkness. Hell . . . all words used by a young man involved in homosexuality, the gay community, in a gay relationship, in promiscuity, in sex and drug addiction. This is what gay really means. How can hearts not melt in great compassion for this man and the many others like him? Every time we hear this we pray this young man discovered hope, found help, was enabled to change his desires and thought patterns and become free, clean, and forgiven through Christ, and learned to properly channel his sexuality in the marriage union with a woman. Many have done so! It's unsettling to us that although this person mentions going back to church, he never mentions hope in overcoming his addictions and SSA. He never mentions Christ and the mighty change of heart. We do so hope he has found an understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Back at the Symposium, after this man stopped speaking, the panelists’ reactions were incredible. Steve reported that they jumped at the chance to comment on what this man said, first flattering him for his courage and, second, belittling and invalidating his genuine misery and concerns. So much for compassion. Back in 2006 when we here at SoL excerpted this comment from Sunstone's audio recording, efforts were made to intimidate us into removing it from our website. So much for truth.(According to Fair Usage, it is legal to quote small portions of such conferences.)

Hopelessness and sexual frustration seems to be the message that is being given to such individuals as the young man above. But not anymore! The Standing For Truth Conference will not cover-up the truth like Sunstone and Northstar and Gay Pride and HRC and GLSEN and the mainstream media and LGBT activists and even churches do. At our conference you'll learn to see past the rhetoric, the emotion, the secular humanism, the false narrative, the halftruths. What you'll hear is reality and true charity.  It is only through truth and real love that we can protect our children and our freedoms and lend our fellow man a helping hand out of the darkness and into the light. 

See www.libertylineup.com/events for more info on the Oct. 26 STAND4TRUTH Conference.

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