Monday, October 5, 2015

Everything They Know They Learned on Internet Porn

Societal morality is in a state of rapid decay. That's nothing new, but the make-over our culture is experiencing is new. As foretold in scripture, evil is now being represented as good and good is now being vilified as evil.

As for evil being called good, oh yes, sexual sins are now healthy and natural (see the children's book available in school libraries, It's Perfectly Normal). Premarital and promiscuous sex of all kinds are popular, while marriage is outdated (except of course in perverse forms). Pornography, material that preposterously distorts human sexuality and addicts people of all ages to sexual sin of all stripes, is considered a human right and is free and readily available, even mainstreamed. Homosexualism is taught in schools as equal to heterosexuality without any warnings of the health risks. Masturbation is glorified and encouraged. Condoms are handed out to school children with no morality attached. Even flavored condoms! Open homosexuals are recognized, praised, and celebrated. Transgenderism and homosexuality is paraded in the streets. Churches and supposedly religious people accept, and so encourage, homosexuality as a permanent characteristic of congregants and family members. Little children are now sexualized, supposedly born knowing all about gender and sexuality; misguided adolescents are now teaching their own oblivious parents some fractured fairy tale of the birds and the bees. But none of these can be surprising in a politically correct culture that has lost its sense of sin, where it's cool to entertain oneself with promiscuous casual sexual activities, shift responsibility for all manner of sexually-transmitted diseases, and legal to destroy the human baby that may result. All of the above is evil being represented as good.

As always, half-truths are the functioning tool of the devil when it comes to promoting the above sexual sins. Examples: It's true that everyone is free to make their own choices and God loves everybody just the way they are. But of course these are not the whole truth. The whole truth includes temporal and spiritual consequences for bad choices and God's generous and loving plan to make us changed creatures, fit for his presence and greatest gift of eternal life, clean and forgiven through Christ, if we wish it.

As for the good being called evil, anybody who stands against these dangers, or even just takes a stand for traditional morality, is called a kook, a religious fanatic, a bigot, an extremist, even dangerous and harmful, even a Nazi. Christians being marginalized, persecuted, punished, even slaughtered, here and around the world is another popular trend.

Anybody who inclines toward allowing or accommodating the above sexual sins so as to be more "inclusive" or "compassionate" is part of the problem. Being inclusive of sinfulness doesn't help anybody; to put it bluntly, this "kinder, gentler gospel" condemns sinners (all of us) to hell. It appears that the influential people in these and all sinners' lives don't love them enough to give them the whole truth, to warn them and teach them and offer them righteousness and divine forgiveness. And honestly, this omission, this anti-Christ take on the gospel, is a much worse evil than the miserable mere sins of the flesh we've been talking about here. 

The ancient destructive sin of homosexuality will take yet more forms in the modern worldly Sodom and Gomorrah where we live today. Evil has forced its way into every facet of society. The perversion currently trending is transgenderism. For the vulnerable, innocent young and for the emotionally and psychologically damaged, transgenderism and transsexualism are strong delusions involving the way they present themselves and the way they socialize. "Sex change" surgical operations have been found to only increase mental and emotional problems and suicidality. But for mentally healthy adults sexuality is at the trannie core. It is sin: men burning in their lusts toward one another by another name. Yes, cross-dressing turns them on sexually; it's just another name for homosexuality. And of course this previously embarrassing and unmentionable mindset and activity is now being characterized as good. On Northstar, the website we have repeatedly warned against, LDS  transgenders are currently featured extolling the peace they have found and the reconciliation they have made between their homosexual desires, cross-dressing, taking hormones, mutilating their healthy bodies and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Really. And where were they taught these wondrous comforting self-indulgent "truths"?  Pornography. Yes, the honest ones admit to viewing pornography. Transgenderism is pornographic in nature. The pornogrified world we live in is where these oversexed "transgenders" learned everything they know.

Apparently, for some, pornography is the new kindergarten.

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