Friday, October 16, 2015

Attempts to Submarine our Conference

We are not going to name names. That's not what we're about. But we will say that as we have participated in planning the upcoming Stand4Truth Conference, Understanding Homosexuality, The Politically Incorrect Truth, preparing to fly experts in from all over the country, this conference, every aspect of it, and individuals involved have been systematically slandered and submarined by people supposedly on our side. When things like this happen we always marvel a bit that the powers-that-be would rather alienate people like us---faithful followers of Christ who play the organ and volunteer to clean the church building who have a big grown family of decent productive church-going citizens---rather than stand with us in one tiny corner in opposition to the debauched and wicked world.If they aren't willing to support us, they should at the very least leave us alone. This is still supposed to be a free country. But no.

Luckily we have this scripture in Corinthians memorized: We are troubled on every side, but not in distress, we are perplexed yet not in despair, persecuted but not forsaken, cast down, but not destroyed.

It's evident that war has been declared on the old certainties that once bound communities and societies and families and churches together. Apparently the enemies of our conference are all about letting children and young people grow up in an environment which celebrates high-risk sexual immorality. That's right. With no knowledge. With no warnings. With no hope. With no Christ.Whatever their motives, it's all wrong.

Homosexuality, in principle or in practice, by any of its names, hurts people. We are obligated to God and our fellow man to let the truth be known to any who wish to know it. No, we are not forcing anyone to come to our conference. We are not bad-mouthing anyone. We are just bringing the truth to light. Evidently the truth is not welcome. It is not popular with the world. It is not financially sound. Funny, Jesus paid no heed to those very temptations.

These days if you are not actively seeking truth you will very easily come to believe lies.We hope our friends out there are actively seeking truth and will support this wonderful and courageous conference which is an unprecedented effort to bring hope and help and essential information and resources to suffering, confused, and striving individuals, families, and leaders who want and need it.

What we need right now is money to get these experts here, take care of them, and video tape the one-day conference. People involved are putting up their own personal resources and funds, but we need a bit more.

To register to attend the conference, view via live streaming, order the video, or donate go to any of these:

God bless you, and we hope to see you there. It isn't a pleasant or fun topic by any means---trust us, we at SoL know that--- but we must put aside worldly comforts and squeamishness, take courage, and do the right thing, come what may. As Roger Scruton said, "The normalization of homosexuality comes with large social cost." These are crucial issues that must be approached with true compassion and the whole truth.

Thank you and all best wishes to all God's children!

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