Wednesday, October 28, 2015

An Outpouring of Pure Courage and Love: Our Exposing-Homosexuality Conference

We won't bore you with our delight at meeting and visiting again with some of the most intelligent, interesting, courageous, and knowledgeable people in the world at the inaugural #Stand4Truth summit, Understanding Homosexuality, The Politically Incorrect Truth, at Lex deAzevedo's studio in Midvale, Utah this past Monday. What we will share is how wonderful it was and why, and how you can access it.

There was only room for a studio audience, but the good news is that the entire conference is now available on the internet at and will soon be offered in professional format on a DVD including personal interviews with the presenters and other extras at the same website. And yes, the conference  should have been spread out over two days instead of one; there was just so much both terrible and lovely Truth to take in, and there could have been more. To see an outline of the program, go to .

This may have been the first ever conference of its kind, not only in Utah but in the nation and the world, because it addressed all aspects of homosexualism today all in one gathering: science, religion, government and politics, health, education, culture, media, pornography, psychological and sexual abuse, reparative therapy, faith, family, parenting, personal experience, history, attacks on individual's professional and religious freedom, and current events. There were 20 speakers: scientists, doctors, therapists, lawyers, researchers, activists, authors, plaintiffs and defendants, professors, clergymen, parents. And the inspiring, humble, heart-wrenching testimonies of the abused, deceived, and consequently reborn and changed from the inside out. 

Here is a worldview that is systematically demonized. Here is information critical to the liberty and well-being of society that is denied to the public. Here is help for damaged individuals battling unwanted homosexual and transgender tendencies--- real help that works, help that has been mischaracterized and even outlawed by  bad lawmakers and judges. Here is hope for spiritual cleansing and wholeness and forgiveness, hope that is censored, dismissed, and ignored by supposed religious leaders. Here is a much-needed prophetic warning against sin and evil in a world that has secularized and sociolized its theology, lost its sense of sin, and now hails homosexuality as something harmless, even good. Here is an outpouring of the pure love of God and fellow man that is being so greatly abandoned and distorted today.

It strikes us again and again how parents, relatives, friends, teachers, leaders, and churches are increasingly giving in to youth homosexuality and general homosexualism without question. They do so not out of compassion and graciousness, as they say, but to take the easy, most self-serving road. In favor of  the praise of men, worldly benefits, and the status quo, these new homosexualists are giving no thought to the horrific causes, the unmet needs, the well-being, the delusions, the dangers, the miseries, the futures, the influence on others, the posterity, and the immortal souls of unrepentant self-identified gays. Accepting homosexuality out of political correctness or coddling or convenience is not compassion and love, but selfishness and cruelty.

What was spoken at this conference was not mere comfort for its own sake but Truth from which lasting comfort can only derive, as harsh as it may feel or sound. "Charity is hard and endures," said Flannery O'Connor. "Love may forgive all infirmities and love still in spite of them: but Love cannot cease to will their removal . . . Love is something more stern and splendid than mere kindness," said C. S. Lewis. Real love is about the eternal best for others, not theirs or our own immediate comforts and gratifications.

People may wish to avoid the culture war and put all their efforts in merely "loving" homosexuals and the like back into our midst and by doing so hoping their bad habits and wrong ideas will prove harmless. That may have been possible ten, fifteen, twenty years ago. Not anymore. We must wake up to the fact that aimless millennials have been brainwashed into sympathy, experimentation, and identifying with unlimited sexuality, even in spite of the recklessness and risks and dead ends. As our friend Brian Camenker pointed out, the mainstream society-wide pushing and celebrating of unlimited sex and sexual orientations (there were 67 sexual orientations to choose from on Facebook's profile section at last count) is not the same as pushing tattoos or immodest clothing. No, homosexuality is not the same as forgetting to say your prayers or return your friend's book. What is now prevailing is spiritual wickedness coming from the highest places. We are being attacked by nefarious principalities and powers. This is Evil with a capital E, the source of which is Satan himself, head hater of God and Goodness, who stops at nothing to exploit the young, the vulnerable, the damaged, the rebellious, the arrogant, the hypocritical, and the Godless as pawns to further his miserable vengeance.

Our time calls for conferences like this one. Our time calls for rising to the unpleasant occasion, unflinching courage, unsqueamishly facing and sharing ugly and shocking truths, protecting children, fighting for our freedoms and against tyranny, loving God most, being steadfast in Christ as Redeemer. Our time calls for Pure Love.

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