Thursday, August 20, 2015

What's That Man Doing in the Women's Locker Room?

It's interesting that in all this transgendering nonsense, females in general seem to be the losers. Cases in point. When a boy says he's a girl in his mind and so presents himself as a female in every ostensible way, he gets to be a star on the girls' soccer team and use the junior high girls' facilities (penis and all) as in locker rooms and restrooms, as per our previous post. But then also, when a girl says she's a boy in her mind and presents herself as a male in every ostensible way, she apparently still uses the girls' facilities. What? Why?

You think we're making this up? Janice was at the local gym yesterday. She walked into the locker room smack into a transgender person, that is, a female presenting herself clearly as a male, men's clothing, big masculine tattoo on shoulder, male hair style. Janice knew the person was a she-he, that is, a female trying to change herself into a male, because we have seen this transformation taking place over the months. Breasts removed. Nose job. Muscles drastically increased probably with the help of steroids. It's hard to miss when this person is all over the gym. In fact, we wondered which rest room this person used. Now we know.

All sorts of problems arise. What if Janice or any other woman didn't know this person was a transgender? And anyway, aren't we all supposed to go along with the crazy idea that this female is now actually a male with all the male hormones and male parts and pieces, albeit make-shift? If so, what's "he" doing in the women's locker room? Janice knew "he" was a "she," and so was not overly surprised. But does this she-he deserve to be there anymore? Is it right in any sense of the word? After all, she has denounced her female-ness in every possible way. And what if an unsuspecting woman is dressing in the women's locker room and looks up to see what appears to be a man? Is not this cause for alarm? Hasn't it always been cause for alarm? Shouldn't the transgender person at least have the decency to do something like wear a sign that says, "Don't be alarmed. I'm in a stage of transgendering. Thanks for your patience."

Apparently, transgenders don't have to be any sort of kind or considerate. And apparently, we've all been treated to a form of mass hypnosis that has desensitized us into not caring what a person's sex is. Apparently, we're just supposed to ignore a questionable person's ostensibly obvious sex at all times and in all places, like a bunch of zombies. Now that's crazy. It's crazy for a lot of reasons. For identification reasons, for law and order and crime reasons, for safety reasons, for health reasons, for reproduction reasons, for modesty reasons, for courtesy reasons, for propriety reasons. In this case, are we really supposed to ignore that there's someone who looks for all the world like a man in the women's locker room? Granted, there are women who dress and groom themselves in unconventional or masculine ways. There's no law against it. Sure, it may not be against any law for a female to make herself over into looking like a man and then use the women's facilities; in fact in Virginia there's a law that says the public school girl who dresses like a boy has to use the rest room the sex on her birth certificate indicates. Still, anyone presenting themselves as the opposite sex being allowed to use the facilities is discourteous and disorderly and unfair and perhaps could even be quite frightening to someone caught unawares and/or in a compromising situation, such as naked or taking care of sanitary needs. Whatever else it is, it's just plain horribly, arrogantly rude.

And yet where can they go? We wouldn't want this person to go into the men's locker room either because we happen to know she's a female. Either way is a disaster waiting to happen. What these people have done to the best of their ability is make themselves into neither sex. They don't comfortably or appropriately belong anywhere. How sad. It would seem that only a crazy person would voluntarily do this to him or herself. But if such people are mentally ill, it's everybody's else's fault for indulging them in their illness.

It's funny because our gym just did a make-over and has brand new gargantuan signs distinguishing  the men and women facilities, all the more noticeable because they read "WOMENS" and "MENS." Correct us if we're wrong, but these aren't actual words unless you leave off each "s" or add apostrophes before each "s." There are no such plural plurals as womens or mens. Incorrect possessives aside, as things are unfolding,  what signs should they put on the locker rooms these days in order to be accurate? Mostly Women? Mostly Men? Sort of Women? Sort of Men? People who Think They are Mostly Women/Men at the Moment?

There are no such words as womens and mens, and similarly, there are no such things as women who are  men and men who are women (except in a case of a very rare birth defect). As we've pointed out, transgenderism all boils down to homosexuality, which boils down to a perversion of heterosexuality. If the male pretending to be a female wants males to notice him sexually, that is male homosexuality, which is a perversion of heterosexuality. If the female pretending to be a male wants female sexual attention, that's lesbianism, which is a perversion of heterosexuality. If the male pretending to be a female wants female sexual attention, that's pretend lesbianism, which is a perversion of heterosexuality. If the female pretending to be a male wants male sexual attention, that's pretend male homosexuality, which is a perversion of heterosexuality. You see, it all has to do with homosex, with perversion, with breaking rules, with disorder, with thumbing one's nose at reality and normalcy and health and God, and also, evidently, at everyone around you. 

What we ought to do is strip away all this pretense and call travesties such as women pretending to be men or boys pretending to be girls just what they are: wrong. Sadly, that's never going to happen in this silly, wicked, self-indulgent, self-destructing, rapidly de-civilizing world. 

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