Friday, August 14, 2015

Boy, You Are Not A Girl

It's so inconsistent. Those who insist on a "genderless utopia" simultaneously champion transgendering. How can that be? In other words, at the same time our PC culture is working at obliterating the very concept of gender, as in male and female, it is also encouraging the total surface effeminization of boys who decide they would rather act like girls,as in females, and the total surface masculinization of girls who decide they would rather act like boys, as in males. Of course transgendering is all about gender. At least that's what it's about for children who don't have a clue yet about sexuality. Otherwise, for those who are developed sexually, it's about homosexuality. So which is it? How are we supposed to ignore that there are two genders while at the same time making a huge deal of those who insist they are the opposite gender of what their genes and anatomy prove?

This is crazy-making. And people are going crazy.

We watched a program the other day on TLC about a 14-year-old boy who is trying for all he's worth to present himself as a girl, and yet goes around telling everybody he's a transgender. Oh, and then he judges anybody as "transphobic" who doesn't want to hang out with him or doesn't think he's special and wonderful. It appears to be all about getting attention. Case in point: reality TV show.

We don't blame the kid. It's the parents and doctors and psychiatrists who are responsible for this tragedy, including the culture which is formed by people with a lot of influence and power which indoctrinated the parents and doctors. The doctor and mother are all about the poor boy getting breast implants and his penis removed. The psychiatrist asks the adolescent boy who is sitting there acting affectedly female and wearing overly girly clothes and make-up if he's had any sexual thoughts. No, he says. He's not real interested in boys, but feels persecuted if they aren't interested in him---yes, he expects regular boys to be interested in him---a boy with a penis dressing and acting like a girl. And no, he doesn't want his penis messed with. He says he's gotten used to it. Yes. And the adults sit there clueless.

What a mess. A mess that will  never end. The boy is going to grow up. He's going to look and sound more and more like a male in ways that can't be covered up. What does he have to look forward to? Surgeries. Hormones for life. No normality. No posterity. What if when he grows up a little more and gets away from his indulgent family, he changes his spoiled, indulged, 3-year-old mindset?

Maybe if the parents had treated their 3-year-old like a 3-year-old, and acted like parents, none of this would be happening. Gender identity disorder is disturbing and upsetting, but it can be corrected. You're not supposed to give in to it--duh. Most kids just grow out of it, you know, like sissies and tom-boys. Maybe if the parents had been patient and taught their child about proper gender identity, maybe if his dad had taught him a little masculinity, maybe if his mother had patiently corrected him as he grew instead of encouraging his delusion, maybe if his environment portrayed and championed the two genders only in correct ways, chances are he wouldn't be having any of these problems.

It's obviously better to accept your healthy body and learn how to present yourself according to your biological gender and be mentally and emotionally healthy than to mess with your healthy body with hormones and scalpels in order to delude yourself into being something you are not and have a mutilated and sterilized body, too. Doctors are saying so. They are saying transexualization does not solve these people's problems. Far from it.

Maybe if the parents didn't exploit their child's disorder for fame and money, he would have grown out of his twin-brother-getting-all-the-atttention, older-sister-worshipping phase and none of this would be happening. He actually says that every decision he has made was based on his idolized older sister. One thing is for sure. If these parents and this family and this kid weren't living in today's no-God, no-absolutes, anything-goes world, this would not be happening. The kid would be a regular boy in all the important ways, having all the regular adolescent boy problems, who is also good at soccer. Not a boy pretending to be a very girly girl who just wants to fit in but who tells everybody about it to get attention, who just wants to play soccer on the girls' team whose parents fought a 2-year law suit to make it happen.

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