Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Anchor Babies, Anchor Gays

First, we don't want anyone to take our word for anything. No one should want that. We want people to use their God-given faculties to think for themselves, searching and learning by way of all the best resources, the very best being the Spirit of God insofar as it is given to the humble and sincere.

This is what we see. We see the culture around us, through every societal entity from government to church to family, abandoning truth, virtuous principles, reality, and God. And we see why. Pascal said it better than we ever could:

Clever people are those who know the truth, but who support it only so far as their own interest coincides with it. Beyond that, they abandon it. 

Key words: their own interests. These can be position, fame, power, attention, money, traditions, reputation, popularity,convenience, comfort, entitlement, you name it. And don't be fooled. People are very good at disguising all selfish interests to look like something else, something altruistic or inevitable or predestined or deserved. This is cleverness used for evil. It's how the anti-Christ works. It's caring most about what's in it for you. It's putting more value in temporal gains than in truth and virtue and saving souls and becoming like Christ. It's treasuring the now rather than the eternal. It's focusing on the creation rather than the Creator. It's making oneself or others one's god. It's trusting in the management of the creature and the arm of the flesh. It's being lulled into carnal security. It's all those things the scriptures warn against in no uncertain terms, coming true.

Society today operates on some very consequential nontruths, which in turn inform the public sentiment. There are gobs of examples. Here are two that currently are shaping public opinion:

Untruth #1 Anchor Babies
Anyone born in the U.S. is an automatic citizen. Wrong. As far we know, no developed countries except Canada and the U.S. have this notion. This is an example of how it sometimes doesn't matter what our laws say; it's the public perception that carries the day. In reality, there is no such thing as, no foundation for, legally-speaking, an anchor baby in America. The Supreme Court has never ruled this notion into fact. As we have learned it, the falsely exploited 14th amendment was about giving Native Americans U.S. citizenship, and, if you go back to statements of original intent, pointedly meant to exclude this privilege from foreigners. That means if you're an ambassador from another country, or a visitor on vacation, or an illegal alien --- all of which are foreigners, that is, they are citizens of some other country --- any baby you have while here is an automatic citizen of your country, not ours. That's how it works in the U.K. and France and Germany and Russia and Spain and Austria, and so forth. We know, it sounds so mean. It's babies, after all. People are so emotional about the idea of  foreign children, or they pretend to care, but it may be in their own interest. Apparently these Americans want so much to be thought of as welcoming and compassionate and inclusive, oh wait, except when it comes to American babies---in that case they insist that it's perfectly fine to dissect and destroy and sell them piece by piece. Not even the dignity of burial. Anyway, what happened was that a short while back some people with a shared agenda started saying that anybody born here is a natural citizen and to regular people it sounded nice so most people took it as truth. Society is being made over and some people are profiting big time from this lie. And hardly anybody has the courage to warn of the dangers to our sovereignty and safety. Wicked. And clever.

Untruth #2 Anchor Gays
Gays are born that way. It's who they are. Wrong. There's no truth. There's no science. It's a false notion. Sexuality is not an identity; it's an appetite and it is developed, and can be developed in wrong directions,  especially in our self-centered, Godless, immoral, permissive, oversexed culture. Saying a person's immutably gay is similar to saying a person was born to eat only a certain unhealthy and counterfeit food. And all we have is the person's whims or word for it, trendy stereotypes, goofy political correctness, and people's own interests--- sin is pleasurable, warning against sin is out of fashion, and the gay lobby is very powerful. Just like there are no anchor foreigners (at least not according to the Constitution as written), there is no reliable foundation for immutable gayness and there are no anchor gays. What we have are just people whose gender identity and sexual appetite is outrageously encouraged in some very outrageously wrong directions. It's the immature and vain and wicked imaginations of men being allowed to do their thing with no limits while demanding everyone else accept and celebrate it. So, now churches are on board with it, or are getting on board in definite stages. Sure, openly gay boys can be in the BSA. Sure, openly gay adults can be leaders of vulnerable boys. No problemo. Society is being made over and some people are profiting big time from this lie. And hardly anybody has the courage to warn of the spiritual and physical and societal dangers.Wicked. And clever.

As so many have said before but whose words are now conveniently forgotten, there is such a thing as absolute truth. There are such things are good laws. There are also such things as absolute lies and wrong ideas and bad policies and bad laws, all fueled by this or that man's or group's or institution's selfish, immoral, and temporal interests.    

Clever people are those who know the truth, but who support it only so far as their own interest coincides with it. Beyond that, they abandon it. 

Apparently, there are many of this type of clever people, who know the truth but only use it when it is convenient for them. Jesus called them out as hypocrites, like whited sepulchers full of dead men's bones.

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