Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Three Things Every Gay Should Know Just in Case

You think you're what people today are calling gay or SSA. You've come out to the world. Maybe you use same-sex pornography because it turns you on and thus validates your choices and the decision to come out. You hang out with fellow homosexualists on the internet and in person who praise and flatter you. Most likely, if you've come to this point, you're acting out in many other ways, experimenting with your sexual feelings, with clothes, with entertainment, with alcohol, with drugs, with masturbation, with new relationships, with romance and with sex. You're living it up, thinking life has never been this exciting. Sin is indeed pleasurable, for a time. To validate your decisions further you may even have become an activist, systematically attempting to recruit your family, friends, and church into celebrating homosexuality. Could be you've immersed yourself in the gay culture/lifestyle for years.

If it isn't today, it may be at some future time that you decide this lifestyle---these habits, the homosexual mindset and all the destructive things that go with it (the narcissism, the pride, the deceit, the delusions, the pretending, the porn, the cross-dressing, the sex addiction, the drugs, the promiscuity, the violence, the health risks, the illnesses, the rebelliousness against God)--- is a dead end street. Maybe the sporadic thrills are losing their appeal, maybe you see that you yourself are getting old, and you decide you want a regular, normal, wholesome life after all. Maybe you want to have children and know that they deserve a mom and dad. Maybe you decide it's time to do some maturing. When you reach this point there are three truths you will want to know:

1. You were not born gay. No one is. Your body is biologically heterosexual, that is, made to interact sexually with the opposite sex only. Sex and sexuality are serious business. Anything other than the proper use of sex and sexuality will result in somebody getting hurt. No matter what you have done or what has been done to you, you are not under any obligation or compulsion to self-destruct by way of homosexuality or anything else. For mentally healthy people every thought, feeling, and act is a choice. Getting into homosex was a choice and getting out is a choice, too. 

2. You won't go to heaven unless you repent. Like everyone else, you are going to die and be accountable for your thoughts and deeds. People who willfully rebel against God will not want to be in His presence. This means you won't end up in heaven unless you turn back to God and goodness while in this life.It is only because of Jesus Christ that repentance is possible. His arms are always stretched out to you. True repentance requires a measure of selflessness and humility. You must be willing to give up lawless pleasures and pride in order to progress as a child of God. In reality it's a small price to pay and the smart thing to do.

3. You can change. People repenting of their sins and mistakes comprises a great portion of the history of mankind. All the best stories are about people changing for the better. People change their minds and hearts all the time. We live in a culture where many sins, including sexual immorality of all kinds, are falsely considered brave and cool. Society today is conditioning everyone to accept lies about sexual sin. We have to fight it, in our culture and in our own hearts and minds. You have been equipped with this ability. You have a mind and a heart, and these God-given faculties can be woken up and applied to lead you back to reality, health, goodness, inner peace, and improvement. 

Lord bless and all good wishes!


Chordsoffaith said...

Excellent! It's nice to have someone saying these things that are true. My hope is that blog will fall into the hands of someone who needs to hear these things. Thank you for being so bold and clear, Janice.

Chordsoffaith said...

Thank you, Janice, for being so bold and clear and true. My hope is that someone who needs to hear these things will read this blog.