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A Sharp Distinction

Comment and question about post, "Exempt:"

Reader comment: People who experience SSA are subject to the same law of chastity as those who experience opposite sex attraction. Conscious sexual fantasy, looking at pornography, engaging in pre-marital relations, or adultery are in violation of the law of chastity regardless of the gender of the subject of those sins. I'm not clear how you feel this applies differently to people with SSA. What is the distinction you are trying to make? 

SoL: First, are you saying SSA is a gender, like male and female? We hope not. There are only two sexes or genders, made immediately obvious by genitalia and DNA.

Yes, we agree that the law of chastity applies to all, but there is a movement to excuse same-sex sexual lust for the same-sex attracted. Activists have done a great job of convincing everyone that this is their "identity," the way God made them, that it's wholesome and nonsexual (seriously?), and anyway they can't help indulging in these thoughts and feelings, that is, temptations. They have adopted as their mantra: the temptations  are not sinful, but they do not define temptations or indulging in those temptations, as in fantasizing, lusting, pornography. Yes, some of today's leaders have said same-sex sexual temptations are not sinful, but others have even more strongly said they most certainly are, including what is recorded in the scriptures. To say this ancient destructive vice is not a sin in both thought and deed and does not need repenting of is actually anti-Christ. Certainly it is not okay to have a dirty mind. Certainly a dirty mind fits us for hell. Sad to say, we notice that this softening toward homosexual lust is rapidly extending to all forms of sin. "Those who surrender on one issue tend to surrender on others as well" (D. French, Imprimis).

 Again, we agree that in the sense that sexual sins of any kind are wrong and can be forsaken and repented of through Christ, there is no distinction between hetero and homo sin. The distinction that is being passed over and that must be made is that homosexuality and heterosexuality are not equal: not equally important, not equally healthy, not equally productive. By not making this distinction, the door opens wide to same-sex "marriage." But gay marriage is just another name for the sin of homosexuality. Law or no law, monogamous or not, gay marriage can never be healthy or normal or productive or right.

Same-sex sexual attraction is always wrong. It is always selfish lust because it has no other purpose than sex. Same-sex people who are fond of each other and great friends need not sexualize that relationship; that makes it lust. Of course lust is when you experience explicit sexual thoughts and feelings for someone you have no business having explicit sexual thoughts and feelings about. This is a sin. It is always a sin for the same-sex sexually attracted, whether the law allows it, or the law says they are married, or public sentiment says it's fine. Heterosexuals can also be guilty of lust, that is having romantic/sexually explicit thoughts and feelings about someone they have no business having these types of thoughts and feelings about. But opposite-sex sexual attraction can also be properly developed in order for mating, is necessary for reproduction, and is right and good in preparation for and during marriage and family responsibilities. For opposite-sex attracted people it is merely a question of timing, appropriateness, and unselfishness. Sexual thoughts and feelings between a man and woman who intend to marry or are married, who are channeling their sexual feelings unselfishly, properly, and responsibly, are not guilty of lust, whereas the homosexual is always guilty of  lust. The scriptures call homosexuality men burning in their lusts toward one another, and even women doing that which is unseemly. It's never right, whereas proper heterosexuality in marriage is pure and right, and necessary to the human race.

Do you not know that LDS gay activism has exempted homosexual lust from the requirements of chastity? See In Quiet Desperation published by Deseret Book, "It Gets Better at BYU," and Northstar, to name just a few. Nowhere in these materials is purity of heart, mental chastity, or repentance addressed, nor are sex and porn addictions, professional counseling, health risks, personal responsibility, or change of heart mentioned in any applicable way (except to dismiss them). Nowhere do these materials acknowledge that proud coming out is a form of acting out, which it is. Indeed, nowhere is acting out defined. Nowhere is the warning that emotions follow thoughts, and actions follow emotions. Nowhere is there any real concern for the spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical health of the afflicted/deceived sinner or the future of his immortal soul.

For several years now there have been contradictory views and an absence of correction and help being offered for those with SSA or same-sex sexual attraction. Indeed, contrary to scripture, homosexualism has been both watered down and puffed up to sound nonsexual, innocuous, innocent, wholesome, even brave and to be respected. And this is the sin the Lord incinerated two cities for! So far it does not appear that heterosexual porn addiction or heterosexual lust are being treated in quite this way, although we seem to hear less and less about sin, sexual purity, or morality generally. Indeed, people are going soft on all these issues, but in the mainstream homosexuality is a done deal. No criticism allowed. No questions asked. No help needed. And certainly no repentance. We're supposed to believe little kids who say they are gay. We're even supposed to respect the view that sodomy is normal, natural, and fine. There may be some excommunications, but these same people are invited to speak at the BYU counseling center to teach students to accept their homosexuality! 

Yes, there's a great difference. Even though sexual sins run the gamut, heterosexuality is good, even necessary, in the one proper circumstance described in italics above whereas homosexuality is always wrong---in thoughts, feelings, and acts. And people publicly identifying themselves as gay or SSA and demanding that homosex be treated equally to heterosex or that homosexuality is good in any way are deep into sin. Heterosexuality, an attraction toward the opposite sex, can be properly and productively channeled; indeed, it's necessary to the human race. Homosexuality, an attraction toward one's same sex, cannot be properly and productively channeled and is a despising of posterity. The former can be sinful but isn't always. The latter is always a sin, a perversion, a maladaptation. We call that a sharp distinction that must be made. Otherwise, hetero and homo are indeed being treated as equal (as the activists want, and all doors become open to gay marriage, which is the legitimization and celebration of sodomy (and the like) by another name.

-Thanks and God bless

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