Monday, May 7, 2012

Some Basic Truths

Ethnicity and homosexuality are not the same. One of the erroneous arguments in favor of the Mormon Church changing to embrace homosexuality uses the comparison of blacks being forbidden and then allowed to hold the priesthood. This argument is a non sequitur because a person's ethnicity is not connected to a behavior. You don't have to think or do anything to be the ethnicity you were born. It just is. It is not dependent on any behavior, choice, or mentality. Your ethnicity stays the same no matter what you think or feel or do about it or anything else. Homosexuality is about one main behavior: sex. At its core homosexuality consists of doing something: sexualizing those of one's same gender, whatever form it takes. Everyone faced with, embracing, or encouraging homosexuality, no matter what you call it, (SGA, SSA, gay, LGBT) needs to know that it is about sex. Otherwise it's just pretend, like wearing the latest trendy Halloween costume. To be truly same-sex sexually attracted you have to think, feel, do sexual things involving your same sex. It follows that while our ethnicity cannot be changed, our thoughts, feelings, and outward behaviors can certainly be changed. People change what they think, feel, and do all the time. Sexual thoughts, feelings, and acts are among those changeable behaviors.  

Heterosexuality is mating. Homosexuality is not mating. Another erroneous argument in favor of embracing homosexuality concerns instances of ancient or modern polygamy allowed by God. The line is, if God has eased up on His rules about sex and marriage in times past, why not homosexuality? For one thing, homosexuality in any form has never been sanctioned by God, quite the opposite. For another thing, this argument is a non sequitur because the two behaviors are like apples and oranges. Yes, they both involve the sexual appetite, like apples and oranges are both fruit, but polygamy always involves sexuality between opposite sexes while homosexuality always involves sexuality between same sexes. Heterosexual acts are what is called mating, that is, biologically natural behaviors that can lead to reproduction, and this is why societies find it in their best interest to support opposite-sex marriage. This is one of many good reasons why societies need not invent or support "same-sex marriage."

Marriage is not a right.  The language of entitlement is all around us today. In place of personal responsibility, motivation, and choice, "rights" are being invented willy-nilly. Without any effort or merit on their part, people think they are owed groceries, a house, a job, sexual freedom, even marriage. Once such arbitrary demands are embraced as rights, the floodgates to tyranny and slavery are wide open.

Freedom comes with risks and responsibilities. Marriage occurs between free, individual, separate people. Some people never have the opportunity to be married, or choose against it. Marriage is an opportunity, a privilege, a choice, a decision, a responsibility, a breathtaking act of faith, and a solemn promise between two opposite-sex adults who propose to do the one thing that makes babies whether children come of it or not. The gay movement has falsely characterized marriage as a right in order to force official societal approval of the false idea that homosexual behavior is equal to heterosexual behavior (see above) and change the societal order (see below). 

Gay marriage is not about marriage. The gay marriage agenda is not about the so-called right to be married. Gays have the same opportunity as anyone else to be married in the traditional sense. It's about intimidation, fear, and misinformation, about changing laws and destroying the institutions that protect and give order to human society. Even those same-sex couples who have unwittingly jumped on this band wagon need to know they are part of the destruction.

 Marriage is instituted primarily for the well-being of children, not adults. One fact that has been swept under the carpet is that governments have traditionally supported marriage because of the security and benefit to the rising generation it offers. Mating often results in children, and children need their mother and father to grow up to be good citizens. Yes, studies prove that traditional marriage is also beneficial to the adults involved. But somehow, the primary purpose of this institution, the well-being of human posterity, has been forgotten in favor of the trumped-up rights, needs, desires, and whatever else, of adults only. Governments have no vested interest in random adult relationships that don't produce children.

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