Saturday, January 9, 2010

Still Standing

We have been very busy in recent months (a wedding of one child and triplets born to another!) and have not given attention to this blog. Checking our emails, we found that the publisher and author of No Going Back, the terrible book we recently reviewed, and some other people, are very upset with us. We have received email after lengthy email defending this book to us or because of us.

It turns out these are people with multiple problems. Even though they profess to be latter-day saints, they are passionate about arguing for the sin and weakness and confusion of homosexual lust. Hope for repenting of and overcoming homosexual thoughts and feelings is something they simply are not interested in. In addition, they cannot take criticism, so they demand that we apologize for our views.

This reaction is sophomoric and highly unprofessional. When people organize, write, or publish, they open themselves up to critical thinking and responses. Our response is sincere, well thought out, logical, and orthodox. It concerns ideas and principles. We have not "misrepresented" anyone or anything. But all that aside, it appears that these people have decided that we at the Standard of Liberty are not entitled to our opinion. And some wonder why we call ourselves the Standard of Liberty!

With all the positive feedback being reported by Zarahemla Books about this book, it seems strange that they are spending so much time and effort and words fretting about us. When people are overly defensive like this, their position tends to weaken. All we can surmise is that we have hit a nerve. They are not as confident as they let on. They seem to need everyone's approval. Sounds not only unprofessional but a bit pathological, OCD, or at least high school.

We have nothing more to say about this very bad book. Those who are unhappy about our assessment and our views and demand that we change them are out of luck. We will continue to stand for the truth come what may.

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